It does have a lot of possibilities with the combination of its large amount of waveforms, five oscillators, unison, effects, and FM thrown in. Furthermore, it brings to the table a set of filters with self-explanatory names: They are located on the right side of the main panel, while the other effects are together in the LCD section. Nitroflex retails for 49 EUR. Up to 16 waveform for each wavetable. It is mainly a subtractive synth in nature, but it also has some FM qualities included. You may also be interested in:

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This oscillator includes nitroflex vst noise generator as well. I would think all the controls would act the same way, but only the filter controls function in this manner.

Edit panel for load shape and obtain the desired wavetables. In the Edit section, you can manipulate the waveforms in different ways. Chords Generator for add octaves or complex chords.

REmatrix by Overloud Nifroflex Add “sequencer switch off” in principal panel Fix more sound presets Read the full changelog. New in nitroflex 2. They do mention this in the manual, and state that it is for added speed and convenience while designing presets.

FM section for 2 oscillators. You may also be interested in: For the Filter section however, after right-clicking on knob, it would flash nitroflex vst different colors around that same control. Maybe this could be added for v2.


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Kick Drum in Sylenth1 Anatomy nitroflex vst a Patch: The plug-in comes with two built-in filters that can be adjusted using a couple of modes, namely Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass, pow and Soft. Combine, edit and and shape anyway you nitroflex vst to obtain the desired sound, with this powerful audio synthesizer that offers a large number of waveforms.

Mitosynth from Wooji Juice Music for Tablets: Izotope Ozone 5 Review: For each of the two filters, you have a choice of Lowpass, Highpass, or Bandpass, nitroflex vst, and Soft. Nitroflex 2 comes with new sound presets, designed for any musical style from simple piano to complex pads, from straight synthesis to the gated techno dance floor. The first thing you should know is the fact that the plug-in requires a VST compatible host present on your computer in order to run.

They are located on the right side of the main panel, while the other effects are together in the LCD section. Each filter has its own cutoff control, but there is just one resonance nitroflex vst for both. Jul 23rd, Demo. Nitroflex is their five-oscillator synthesizer VST plugin for Windows. For each of the first four oscillators, there are controls for octave, semitone, detune, and pulse-width modulation.

Taking all of the above into consideration, nitroflex is a straightforward and above average VST plug-in that provides a decent amount of presets and specialized tools without overcomplicating things.


Cinematique Instruments 2 — Bestservice.

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Nitroflex vst can get tons of different sounds by combining them together in different ways. One thing that is a little confusing is that there is no readout for unison on the display. Nitroflex vst 2 is a unique wavetable synthesizer that offers a virtually unlimited number of high quality waveforms, with the power to recreate any type of sound needed either in the modern digital studio, or in a live environment.

The engine is composed of 4 wavetable oscillators, plus VA oscillation and a parallel output design, the equivalent of having 5 different synthesizers. You can see the resulting shape of the wavetable on the right side of the screen. On the left side, you can start working with the four oscillators and control the octaves, semitones and pulse-width modulation.

Nitroflex has three LFOs, and they can be assigned to many different targets. Stereo oscillators with individual pan control.