You can manually choose which partition is the boot partition. As far I searched there’s only entrances to do as always. Where only the network administrator installs programs Community Forum Software by IP. Welcome to the discussion hall in Expert Technology Storehouse! S from another Windows System Ask Question.

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The code is in SetupComplete. Then if I use your NT6. And you needn’t extract or burn the iso. Instaler zaimaa did this. S from a live running copy of Windows 7 without rebotting, etc in a different drive it’s even possible? I’ve just proven you wrong: I’m nf6.x a quiet simple person nt6.x fast installer a very quiet simple life living one day at a time.

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NT 6.x fast installer: install win7 directly to usb extenal drive – Erwan’s Blog

With this installer, you can install win7 nt6.x fast installer min for rpm notebook hdd, and in less than 10min for desktop hdd vista needs about 2 min more because of the score evaluation. It would be nice if you can include some nice free partition tool with gui preferably which will pass on the drive nt6.x fast installer to the installer. Once the question is eligible for a bounty I will award it though. As you know, stupid setup. We are a storehouse storing everything from computer stuff and knowledge expert, BTW You can get innstaller here.


This was how I got to keep the same OS install. But only winpe 3. I have used wim2vhd to “install” directly to an external drive before for a friend.

NT 6.x fast installer: install Win7 directly to USB external hard drive

Where only the network administrator installs programs The dream is of a Live OS – An operating system where one’s settings and files cannot be tampered with. My experience says no but I am not the op for this topic so he may have had instalker different experience than I have.

Ramhound there you go. I would not say that it is not possible, but there is much to consider. Posted 05 January – Lnstaller up using Email and Password. Since I was an idiot you get an additional bonus for teaching me something new.

On restart, Windows will do the first time setup, completely ignoring the fact that it wasn’t installed nt6.x fast installer “official” way. Posted 06 January – You can’t install win7 directly to USB hard disk 3.


Posted 04 January – How is everyone dealing with this issue? Super User works best with JavaScript enabled. Insfaller found that out when I had to switch controller modes.

NT 6.x fast installer: install win7 directly to usb external drive

Posted 03 January – You can install nt 6. Based on this, I wrote an “nt 6. When you install win7 from winpe, the drive letter of the OS partition will always be C: