Submit a new link. Splitska verzija jednog od najkontroverznijih transfera u istoriji jugoslovenskog fudbala. I remember it was a problem on Armageddon too. Do not change the original title of videos or other content. I laughed at both articles, but it is unfair that I cannot edit article about Serbia while any Serb can edit article about Croatia. It’s probably hilarious to Serbs, but I simply don’t get the jokes. Retrieved from ” http:

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What’s happend to the article? He can do a billion push ups, exercises his biceps by running and knows how judge Falcone was killed. I’m also a very old HoI player, I love the game.

Od Topole Pa Do Ravne Gore – video dailymotion

And again, if not, will you guys consider fixing up the mod for AoD in the near future? Treat yourself to a proper holiday present and spend the cold days ap Also, I don’t see why this article is locked?

Why do Serbs go on a holiday to Turky? For some reason when you create a Yugoslavia, the capital is Osijek 2 The next most noticeable problem is the entirely fictional flag the country has on Arsenal of Democracy.


Kosovo recognition huge mistake, Schröder

Also one song that could use for slovenia is zate slovenia – goge I eto poziva u najbolji tim Starog kontinenta. Kad je ferma, spustili su iz aviona one dvi, tri skaline. Expanded and explained rules and general guidelines available in English and Serbian. We need to mention Novak Djokovic once more, because he’s so fantastic!

I wonder if you fellas know about an error Or existed, once upon a time on this site. Sta nam je sad to opet trebalo? This article just shits on other countries and barely talks about Serbia. Zvezda se tom titulom etablirala kao mrski rival, velikosrpski klub koji otima. Nije imao nikakav strah. A kasnije je odgovorio i na pitanje da li je Beari dat novac: Yugoslavia never ever used that weird flag in any capacity at any time.

Do not editorialize non-clickbait titles in any way, shape, or form. Are Serbs afraid of being joked about? Dok tlpole informacija stigla do policije lokacija je bila nova i — bezbedna.

May you suggest me a traditional song? | HiNative

Lean on your od topole pa do ravne gore lodge for support in your conquests, bow before the Pope to claim your divine throne or establish a legendary bloodline that will echo through the ages. Zasto Srbi idu na ljetovanje u Tursku? Bajdo Vukas20 godina posle transfera koji je pomerio Jugoslaviju: Spustili smo glave da nas ne vidi, ali nas je ipak vidija. Thanks for your time. And of course there are still some phrases which only Croats or ex-Yugoslavians can understand.


Sign In Don’t have an account? U avionu mi se oko upalilo. A similar problem exists tore the Romanian flag, and the Austrian flag.

Od Topole Pa Do Ravne Gore

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