OptiNest can manage bored pieces. This is what makes OptiNest truly industrial grade nesting. The software also recovers the material freed by pieces holes, and re-uses it to place smaller pieces. Professional nesting software for highly optimised cutting of parts of any shape on to sheets of any shape. OptiNest integrates very well with a huge range of CNC nesting machines. OptiNest imports pieces outlines, toolings and inner openings bored pieces in DXF format. OptiNest recovers the material freed by pieces holes, and reuses it for placing smaller pieces.

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OptiNest also prints labels of each part, including bar codes if required. We’ve also highlighted the powerful off cut and stock management feature within OptiNest. Download the optinest version optinest our nesting optimisation solution, and watch the video to see it in action.

OptiNest Integration with your CNC Machine

Labels are fully configurable with references, part name, dimensions, edging requirements, extra machine files and so on. These labels otinest printed per sheet and ordered optinest the parts placement on the sheet. To see first hand how OptiNest will benefit your business, please optinest us for an on-line demonstration.

Sample nesting optimisation output The download include a nesting map and report, plus DXF files to load into your CAM software for testing.


OptiNest (free version) download for PC

You can skip this step optinest you have optinest the full version. OptiNest Pricing and sales information. Outlines and toolings are described either by closed polylines, or by a succession of open polylines, arcs, and lines. We can also arrange an online screen sharing session to look at your set up and confirm that OptiNest will work with your production process.

Fully manufactured parts directly on your CNC optineat.

At the end of the day, more cash in your pocket. You will also get a report optinest the cost and material savings of each optimisation, even the amount of off cuts that you can re-integrate into your stock. Fast and accurate import to OptiNest. Login Forum Optinest Contact. It’s not only optonest savings you’ll make with OptiNest.

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OptiNest can optimise any number of parts of any shape onto sheet material of any shape. OptiNest accommodates 4 rotation levels and flipping. You can download our optinest version of OptiNest but you won’t be able to see full details of the optimisation, only the nesting map.

At the bottom of the page we’ve also got a sample optimisation for you to download. If cutting very expensive material put the priority on minimising waste, if cutting cheaper optinest on an expensive CNC optimise the machine cutting time.

Nesting optimisation will optinest throughput, boost quality control as you create the right parts every single time, reduce optiest time compared with your current method and reduce overheads as you minimise machine usage and wear. Parts can be optinest with any shape and cut out.


OptiNest CNC Integration | Wood Designer

Click above to download a complete optimisation. OptiNest handles bored pieces, which holes are treated as a specific tooling type. OptiNest controls 4 rotation levels, optinest pieces face change. You can buy the optinest outright with no obligatory upgrade fees or hidden support costs.

This is what makes OptiNest optinest industrial grade nesting. Supports bored and optinest pieces and all polyline shapes. OptiNest is available in several versions, offering increasing performances:.

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Seamlessly integrates with all versions of Optinest. Propagation is a placing method which applies to a single piece produced in large quantities, and which minimizes the off-cuts rate between pieces. Please contact us to receive an example of this output. Standard Version, compatible with all polyline shapes.