We will explain more about it in the next chorus. Now it’s your turn To be alone Find a wife And build yourself a home The main character has grown into a man. The first lines refer to the loss of a loved one who had been suffering from mental illness, which would be an introduction to the real world, showing that nothing is perfect. WinstonChurch Pantaloon is actually a character in Italy who wears pantaloons which are like tights for men. As a young boy, and for anyone , this is scary and confusing to witness. The main characters father has now grown into an old man. My Interpretation The word pantaloon can also be used to describe pants.

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I thought that it meant that basically this person is going through something and it’s like everything’s going bad, her grandfather just died and there’s this thing called The Pantaloon twenty one pilots ruining her life. The laughing stock, 2 A character who is only written into a story to die. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. The man is lonely. There’s really no answer to this question. The sweet warmth of heaven is embracing the character the day after and he can finally panta,oon with his friends and family.

The staredowns between the sun and the moon refer to the passage of time. This is basically about how his grandfather and immediate father went insane from old age and how he’s destined to follow in their footsteps.


Many sunrises and sunsets. The main character is getting old.

Without his clothes or his sanity he feels metaphorically naked. Now it’s your turn To be alone Find a wife And build yourself a home You have learned Way too soon That your dad is now a pantaloon.

Twenty One Pilots – The Pantaloon Lyrics | SongMeanings

The friends fertilizing the ground is obviously because they have passed away at some point or another. Mobile Android iPhone Windows Phone. To him, it’s like a “tiny island,” that pantaloon twenty one pilots him a much-needed rest.

Maybe in The Pantaloon, the characters family are starting to dislike pantaloon twenty one pilots world. So if you guys could think of an awesometacular one His friends are dying around him. Email required Address never made public. Flag parker on November 13, Song Meaning A very simple explanation to the song using a pne site who’s owner said he met tyler and got the meaning is “the pantaloon” is means death. My Interpretation From my understanding, “pantaloon” is an Italian term referring to a crazy old guy.

The moth eating the hole in the shirt is a symbol of the decay and loss of what things once were. Why not add your own? Log in now to add this pilofs to your mixtape! SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery.


The song is giving the grandpa the pantaloons at the beginning pantaloon twenty one pilots and Tyler has learned that he shouldn’t trust whatever illness he has. However, some hope may be offered: You are pantalkon using your Twnety. Either way he can’t deny He is a pantaloon You are tired You are hurt A moth ate through Your favorite shirt And all your friends fertilize The ground you walk Lose your mind You pantaloon twenty one pilots to sleep alone It’s colder than you know Cause your skin is so Used twengy colder bones It’s warmer in the morning Than what it is at night Your bones are held together By your nightmare and your frights You are tired You are hurt A moth ate through Your favorite shirt And all your friends fertilize The ground you walk Lose your mind.

Story wise, it makes sense. The young boy has learned not to trust his grandpa for a few possible reasons.

The Pantaloon

More Twenty One Pilots Lyrics. Excluir playlist Cancelar Salvar. The main character has grown into a man.