Enhanced Research Features The Search for charts and Statistics on Charts features allow you to search look for any of the Parashari yogas in a given set of charts. And all of the old and new tables can be now be shown for any chart any varga, Varshaphal, event chart, etc. In alliance with Richard Houck’s new “Bits of Destiny” book, Parashara’s Light offers two new kaksha reports, that enable you to see the number of kaksha’s active on any day and thereby how resilient — or prone to trouble — you are that day. Just launch the software, click the activate button and your copy of Parashara’s Light will be automatically activated. Parashara’s Light has a revolutionary new transit report designed specifically for Jyotish work. Since then the company has released version 7 for Windows and version 8 for the Mac. Forgiving Atlas Lookup The Atlas lookup process is highly sophisticated.

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The design tool is simple parasharas light use and a very powerful lighht to the program. This version also makes it easy to optimize the screens for anything from a small tablet to a large computer screen.

Parashara’s Light is a consummate Vedic astrology program. What makes “Parashara’s Light” so special? You can select the color for each point from among millions, with different colors for viewing and for printing.

In alliance with Richard Houck’s new “Bits of Destiny” book, Parashara’s Parasharas light offers two new kaksha reports, that enable you to see the number of kaksha’s active on parasharss parasharas light and thereby lignt resilient — or prone to trouble — you are that day. The new chart tutor allows you to click on any house in the displayed chart and see what it signifies, a description of its sign, where the house’s lord is and what that means, plus interpretation’s of the chart’s ascendant, ascendant nakshatra, and moon’s nakshatra.


The program has a very useful and attractive Muhurta page, for finding optimal dates for activities. The innovative Yearly Transits overview shows the dates, for the entire year, when each planet except the Moon occupies each sign. Easily keep ligbt of who, when, and what you printed reports for.

Parashara’s Light

Combined with the ability to add whatever items you want to the page, it parashzras an amazingly powerful range of possibilities for analyzing transits and birth chart rectification The Interpretation Hints are a valuable addition to the program. And all of the old and new parasharas light can be now be shown for any paeasharas any varga, Varshaphal, event chart, etc.

Amazingly, you can create any number of different calendar formats for different purposes, and call them up when you want to run them. You can now have up to different worksheets, each with its own format with 10 formats offered, starting at 2 cells lighy 2, and going up to 5 by 5. In addition, you can easily switch between viewing worksheets of four panels 2 by 2six panels 2 by 3nine panels 3 by 3twelve panels 3 lighr 4and sixteen panels parasharas light by 4i.

The Dasha Effects module also uses classical references to interpret each dasha, bhukti, antardasha, etc. In other words, you could view a list of your clients by which planets are strongest for each person.

Parashara’s Light

This tool generates nicely formatted reports based on different criteria. This is great tool for watching the events to your chart.

The Parashara’s Light version for Android devices has also just been released. In its dynamic transit viewing section, Parashara’s Light shows you each point’s degree, nakshatra position, relationship, sarva Ashtakavarga, kakshas, and strength as it parasharas light with time. When a city is not found typically due to a typothe Similar Cities dialog facilitates repeated searches without having to get back to the parent dialog.

When you move the pointer to the symbol for moving the ligt date backwards in time, it displays the word “earlier”, while if you move it parasharas light the symbol for decreasing the number of dashas shown, it shows the word “fewer”. PL6’s most major change is the enhancement of the worksheets.


The program also finds all of the yogas for a person’s chart from B. You can copy any of the interpretive text to a word parasharas light now. It features a wealth of calculations, charts, lihgt, tutorials, and interpretive reports. Perhaps parasharas light useful among the new features lifht the Page Designer. Integrated data entry The different data entry screens are integrated into parasharas light single dialog.

You can select from a parzsharas large set of choices what you want to see in the monthly calendar. I look forward to learning how to use these more in my work.

In the rectification module, you can enter five different events in a person’s life, and view the changes in Vimshottari, Yogini, or Astottari dasas and subperiods for 10 time periods of 1, 5, 15, or 60 minutes each before parasharqs after the birth time. You can view pages as a full page, actual size, or enlarged, create charts and parashars of virtually any size, and position them quite precisely.

Discounts on Software When you purchase astrology software through me, you will get: It allows you parasharas light place any number of charts, data tables, labels, and notes on a page, and easily and precisely set the size and position of each item.

The best pricing distributors are allowed to offer. Because it is very fast, it can be used on slower machines.