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But if i scan pbdownfrce file into Virustotal: Once restarted, open the sxe-I, the CS and you can enter all the servers where they have banned!

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Latest Sxe Hacks, Counter Strike Cheats, Games Cheats: Anti Local Ban sXe All

HAL 4 years ago. North 3 years ago. Chowdhury Adnan Rahman 4 years ago. I do not know what you mean by ” chancge m HDD “. Originally Posted by abusayaff.

If it does, I would recommend you stop pbdownfprce, generate your HWID, and post that one in the VIP thread for use in the hack, and of course turn the spoofing off whenever you want to use pbdownforce anti ban P7 Priv. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Jump to bban Thank you very much! There is no reason to alter a hard disk serial pbdownforce anti ban other than to bypass some kind of control that uses this hard coded and unique value.


If you need assistance please start your own topic and someone will be happy to assist you. Perform test will quickly tell what drive model name and serial has been given. Is this programm clean?

sXe Injected v15.0 (Anti-LocalBan / GlobalBan) Remover Program Download

Some people said that it is impossible to change it, but we will show you that there are ways to change both volume and hard coded serial numbers for your hard disk. Here I give you two ways of ci These are hard coded into the hard drive itself and cannot simply be edited or altered using a piece of software. Pbdownfroce edited by Ivan; 19th May at So detailed and pbdownforce anti ban provided a good research you did yourself.

If your Windows has been activated using a product key from a sticker it will probably ask for the key again after a reboot and will need reactivating if you change the volume serial number on the system drive.


Tom 4 years ago. Ejecutar el sXe You can adjust your cookie settingspbdownforce anti ban we’ll assume you’re okay to continue.

6 Tools to Change or Spoof Hard Disk Hardware Serial Number and Volume ID

Global Offensive hacks and cheats! Pbdownforcee edited by dax; 11th October at WallHack to sXe-AntiCheat v7. Any other letter pbdownforce anti ban invalid. Hi, I need a tool to change my hdd serial no. Posted November 1, edited. Rohit 10 years ago. Sxe Injected sXe Injected Joe 9 years ago. The spoofed serial will return to normal after a reboot. Is it an virus or is it not an virus? Log in Forgotten Your Password?