That mean I can not do work on my small laptop! How to add on colour in the background? How can I change the type or size of my project? Therefore, it is normal to see slight colour difference between your photos on the screen and your printed book. This app is purposely built to suit lite users who wish to turn their smartphone photos into printed hardcopy such as photo book, StoryTag cards, photo prints, etc in the fast and easiest way. I need to create my playing cards and get it done as a gift for CNY! Please select the function at right hand side Inspector panel and use the Picture Enhancement to adjust brightness.

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To make sure your books turn out great, the minimum resolution for images is dpi. Your project was created under the old pixajoh of Pixajoy Editor 2. Once I open, I can see the below next, back or cancel button! The triangle warns you that the pixajoy editor is of low quality or has been scaled to a size that it will reproduce at low quality.

How do I download pixajoy editor install Pixajoy Editor? Email or Phone Password Forgot account? To then run the application, double-click on the icon on your desktop or select the Pixajoy Editor from your Start menu.


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Your project was created under the old edition of Pre-Design Theme Templates 3. Account Options Sign in. Use the proof files as a edittor to redesign your page. With a tiny pocket Instax size of Storytag Cards, filled with up to 49 of pixajoy editor photos, making them the perfect compliment to any room wall or desk. Why do I have to download the Pixajoy Edigor application? Pixajoy editor – Photobooks in 5 minutes. Once the download is complete you will be presented with the installation wizard that will step you through the installation of Pixajoy Editor.

As seeing some new features, so eager to see what’s inside, but took forever to download!

How can I change the type or size of my project? Your project was created under the old edition of Pre-Design Theme Templates. What can I do if my pictures is missing? Else, please refund me the money RM50 for 2 vouchers. Monitor screens and digital cameras pixajoy editor colours using the RGB Model which means red, green, and blue are added together to create all colours. I have change my screen display as well! I want to use one of my photos as a background, is it possible?


Tried to download just 10 scrapbooks features, it took 1 hour and pixajoy editor not finished. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience.

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Why do I get the critical error Unflatten Text when open my existing project? Website Maintenance 5 March 5. Click at the fifth icon, select the black background colour. Create pixajoj photobooks in just 5 minutes.

Creating custom photo albums is now mobile easy! High-quality photo products made with smartphone photos! Share your memories in print, a hardcopy keepsake of your recent life events.

Pixajoy Photo Book Pixajoy Photography.


Printing machines however, use the Editoor Model, which means, cyan, magenta, yellow and black are used to create all colours. Kindly refer to the tutorial at here to start your project. Once the image has been placed in to an image box, pixajoy editor click on the image and the image box tool will appear.

Pixajoy Editor is a download client.