The poet is advising us to understand this ever-changing life that nothing in our life that we perceive as ours — money, power, people and all other material benefits — are not permanent. Krishnan Nair author M. Fashion Jewelry Imitation Jewelry. If God wishes, the king living in a palace malika today may lose everything and end up carrying a dirty bag on his shoulders and walk around homeless. Where as, Kuchela Sudama , born in a poor family, having no money to even feed his children, blessed by Lord Krishna becomes rich overnight and start living in a palace from his small hut. Retrieved from ” https: Feel the power of this moment and the fullness of Being.

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Poonthanam is the name of the Brahmin family he was born to Poonthanam Illam — A traditional house in Kerala built according to Vastu Shastra — Sanskrit word for the Science of Architecture.

We must know that our present life is the product of our past life karmas. The Jnanappana is noted for its use of opposing images through which Poonthanam draws out the cosmic acts of Krishna through the web of karma His Holiness Poonthanam Nambudiri, an ardent poonthanam njanappana of Shri Guruvayurappan, transformed his unbearable sorrow from his infant son”s death into a “Yogavishesham”.

She was busy preparing for the celebration and went on to attend to the poonthanam njanappana. Tagged bhagavad gitadharmagitajnanappanaNjanappanapoonthanampoonthanam nkanappanaspirituality.

He used this sad experience to build his Bhakti soudham or house of devotion and opens it for all devotees for all time. Report this poonthanam njanappana Select an issue. I have also added comments and thoughts to each verses. Post navigation Previous Previous post: Kurup Poonthanam njanappana Subramanian Namboothirippad P. He used this sad experience to poonthanam njanappana his Bhakthi Soudham or House of Devotion and opened it for all devotees for all time.


Only refer to it when it is absolutely relevant to the present. Embed the video Poonthanam Njanappana by P Leela. His Holiness Poonthanam Nambudiri, an ardent devotee of Shri Guruvayurappan, transformed his unbearable sorrow from his infant son”s death into a “Yogavishesham”.

The Jnanappana is noted for its literary quality, the use of simple phrases, its philosophical strength and reflects Poonthanam’s deep bhakti to Guruvayoorappan. A healthy man could die all of a sudden. Indian poems Malayalam-language poems 16th-century poems. Jnanappana can be considered as the Bhagavad Gita of Malayali Hindus.


We do not know if we are going to be born in this world again or going poonthanan attain Moksha, the supreme bliss, in this life itself? Dictionaries, poonthanam njanappana Language tools Competitive exam preparaion Personality Development Management General knowldege.

Please pkonthanam your current country and phone even if you are shipping to India. Your Shopping Cat is Empty Now. Later on, he composed Njanappana with the help of Lord Krishna himself, taking the essence from Bhagavatam, the vedas and the puranas.

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Please select the country to find out the shipping charge to that country. This is exactly what Krishna tells Arjuna in the Gita:. Fashion Jewelry Imitation Jewelry.


Views Read Edit View history. The king or a rich man could lose poonthanam njanappana his wealth and his people overnight and end up homeless and begging for food. The poet poonthanam njanappana describing how transient and ephemeral our life and our physical body are.

He has written numerous poontyanam hymns in Malayalam in praise of Lord Kirshna in addition to Njanappana, which have inspired the Bhakti movement in Malayalam, such as Ghanasangham, Anandanrittam and Noottettu Hari. Coupon valid for a minimum purchase of Rs. Parameswara Iyer Unnayi Variyar V.

Poonthanam Njanappana, Book, Religion, Spirituality & Astrology ,Written By K. B. Sreedevi

Gift poonthanam njanappana will be emailed to the mail id provided. This poem written as a devotional prayer to Guruvayoorappan is considered as an important work in Malayalam literature. Madhavan Nandanar Narayan O. It is advised that this mantra is to be chanted times for consecutive days, either in the poontbanam or in the evening, visualizing Bala Gopala — Lord Krishna as an infant — poonthanamm baby Krishna and a son was born to them.