ImgBurn now uses the same code for all OS’s. Ability to have Verify mode ignore non user data within sectors. When reading from an ‘Advanced Format’ drive with 4k physical AND logical sectors, the program could pop up an error invalid parameter? Problem with the log window’s position when moving the main window if the log window is minimised and snapped to the main window. Bad text width calculation due to font changes when positioning controls. Just set all the paths in the ini file to relative. Great for data video dvds and iso images of Linux etc.

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The ‘Automatic Write Speed’ feature’s ‘Export’ option will now append an ‘.

Tweaked the way the program handles portable imgburn where according to the TOC track 1 starts in what should be the pregap i. An issue when sorting the Write Speed descriptors into ascending order. Portabble access violation when parsing APE tags. Only used when logging which file a certain bad sector belongs to. Modified the names of the ‘Browse for Added additional bits of information to the disc information panel on the right.

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The program now reports them. When the program recommends a different file ;ortable combo for a given set of source files in Build mode, the primary FS volume label is now copied to the new FS’s rather than being left blank.


Might give more accurate results on some PC’s. The user can now choose if they want to perform full certification or not the portable imgburn being ‘Quick Certification’! Option in the settings to automatically make the Disc Layout Editor window ‘stay on top’ joins the existing imburn for the Write Queue window. Jun 16, Download s: You were unable to use ‘Change Folder’ found on the context menu when in Build mode if the destination box didn’t include a file name.

Support for images with a byte sector size Easy CD Creator imgbun

Option to set the initial folder for the Explorer pane in the ‘Disc Layout Editor’ window. A little problem when listing the drives the device scan had found a few types were being shown slightly less capable types.

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Export of graph data from previous burn. Incorrect layer break position being read from NRG files needed to add 1 to the value. Support for some ‘Generic’ auto loaders that use a COM port for robot communications.

Tweaked the ‘Stay On Top’ code a bit so it behaves a little better.

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It does not apply when outputting to a ‘Device’ because it’s all automatic. They cause other problems. This often lead to running low on memory and hence use of the hdd swap file – causing major buffer problems for some people. Verify mode now reports for all modes the file mapped to any unreadable sector at a given LBA address. Apr 26th, Donationware. Those file systems will record the file size as 4GB -1 byte but all their data will be physically present in the image.


Review by AllisOne on Mar 4, Version: You could right click the lower part of the column header of the listview control on the disc editor window and it would bring up a context menu portable imgburn if you’d clicked the 1st item in the list.

Attempt at a workaround for an issue someone was having where the main window ended up being smaller than the components it contained so some controls got cut off. The user can now decide if ‘Reparse Point’ Portable imgburn Tweaked the ‘Title Case’ function to handle certain strings a bit better.

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Optionally, you can also have ImgBurn compare it against a given image file to ensure the actual data is portable imgburn Some OS’s didn’t then show all the files Fixed: When loading Toshiba HD Player firmware update images in write mode, the volume label is now constructed from reading the model and firmware version from the ISO. The ability to define the start LBA when building an image – useful for custom disc layouts.