I assume that it is somehow using the Vista bootloader somehow to redirect to the new XP partition. So I set out to see if it was true. Your total hard drive size will be your ultimate guide in selecting the amount of space you allocate to each operating system. I hope you are happy. Microsoft has been quiet about our concerns so at the present time we are taking a wait and see stance. There is a lot more to what I have discovered but I think you get the idea. Only used for “Repair” features.

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Follow Vista’s method to shrink the volume and install XP and then install the software I listed above and save a drive image of the Vista operating system to an external hard drive so you can use it as a recovery disk.

Sincerely JC If you need help post back and I’ll help you. Don’t do any of the stuff I posted above unless you use a test computer and know what you are doing. When it is finished powerquest bootmagic the partition to the external hard drive open “Powerquest Drive Image” again and click powerquest bootmagic “restore a drive” powerquest bootmagic browse to your source in the external hard drive and make the target the BLANK partition 2.

None of this can be done if Vista is installed first on the computer. Create a Vista Dual Boot Menu At this point you will have lost your ability to boot into Windows Vista for the time being and the next stage of this excercise is devoted restoring a dual boot to both Windows Vista and Windows XP. I appreciate any help you can offer. Sign up for our weekly newsletter.


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Sorry, there was a problem flagging this post. Reinstall the Vista bootloader Restart your system and select the operating system you would like to boot to.

Free space on the hard drive now starts at 50GB. I assume that it is somehow using the Vista bootloader somehow to redirect to the new XP partition. Use a PC you can play with and do this and you will not believe “Boot Magic” automatically programs all Vista “boot loaders”. You be the judge. Back to PC Applications forum 4 total posts. So I set out powerquest bootmagic see if it was true.

Trying to install XP on a Vista powerquest bootmagic system. Click on Powerquest Drive image and click on “back up drive”.

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You must get Win98 back up in order powerquest bootmagic configure BootMagic. If you want help on how to do it starting bootmsgic Vista go to this site and ask. The EULA only allows you to install one copy of a operating system to use. Thanks, I did finally find it on the link.

PowerQuest BootMagic

Install the Windows XP operating system. I always do a full low level format and erase to zeros.


INI file to reflect a partition that will be created in powerquest bootmagic of the Windows partition. Next I booted to Ghost 9. Install Microsoft net framework 1. Conclusion to this test is as follows. In order to do it your way though I would have to buy a full copy of vista After I got in I went to the fat 32 partition that has Powerquest bootmagic Magic on it and set it active with partition three as the default.

How do I remove this remaining function? Not only can I copy a Vista Drive to an external poweqruest drive but now I open Powetquest Magic and right click on the partition in the external hard drive that holds the 60 GB copy of the Vista Operating system and resize it to 24 GB?

Sorry for the trouble. So in this test I now have three operating systems running Vista and one logical drive fat bootmayic with Boot Magic installed on it.

Preparation The first thing one needs to do is to create a new partition on which to install Windows XP.