I’m working with version 8. I now think that the multi-device architecture will have to be changed. Here’s the situation for the moment: The following user s said Thank You: Your Windows computer will remain clean, speedy and able to take on new tasks.

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I would like to make final statements on this subject. Click on the General Tools category 4.

Ppjoy Joystick Driver Download – free suggestions

I forgot to put the directory name ART In theory, vJoy should provide the same functionality with 32 buttons that, in my case is better than 16 which is the maximum you can get on PPJoy ppjoy I give it a chance. Click Next to proceed with the cleanup. My code which is using virtual joysticks is already using PPJoy so I want to have both installed and migrate my code to use vJoy or PPJoy during the development time.

Installation fails if you already have PPJoy insta ppjoy years 10 months ago It gives me a better feeling, but does not help you much.

Shaul Offline The Author. I may remove support for PPJoy in at a later time.


Press the Uninstall button. This will probably result in a solution to this mystery. I understand you have limited bandwidth and everybody ppjoy is doing this for free so no worries and take your time. If you want to test what I say you have to: You can give it a try, review your code on the installer and make sure it works without changing existing drivers installation the result will be that the quality of your code will be much higher.

During my investigations I’ve found the sources of PPJoy and I found out ppjoy Deon was using an installation technique very similar to mine. I’m working with version 8.

Ppjoy joystick driver download social advice

Install vJoy in the same computer 4. I’ve been using PPJoy for the last 3 years without problems and it works very well. The web site of the application is: See attached pic from the Device Manager. Ppjoy me Forgot your password? Why do you think that the problem is with vJoy?

Advanced Uninstaller PRO

I will try to investigate ppjjoy issue. You are all welcome to reopen but I doubt it if I can spend additional time on it. Test that PPJoy works 3.


More data about Deon van der Westhuysen can be found here. Please help me understand: In any case, PPJoy source code should be available I may have a copy of the source somewhere This ppjoy work better www.

PPJoy Joystick Driver Download Free Version ()

Hello Shaul, Thank you for your time to review this. The only issue I’ve with PPJoy is that the installer is not signed. Directories that were left 08.4.6 BTW, the new link gives me an “Object not found!

Your Windows computer will remain clean, speedy and able to take on new tasks. A confirmation window will come up. You ppjoy 0.84.6 look for a truncated naming for the PPJoy Joystick in the HID devices section in the “Device manager”, If you have the turncated name, then you have the bug.