A good tribute in his remembrance! Sameer Batwalkar me pan Thanks for remembering the great personality no better English word for ‘vyaktimatva’ though. Balaji Zarkar great great sir. Thursday, November 08, About Pu La Deshpande’s literature,books,recordings and movies he or she is deeply influenced by it. It is very hard to find a Marathi household which does not have at least one of his books and it will be very hard to find a true Marathi student, who does not carry at least one of his books when he flies outside India.

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Maharashtra Times has magric great collection of quotes, poems and incidents from PuLa’s life. Nitish Kunte bahutek hich ti latha khalleli gadhav asavit…. To watch videos non-fullscreen: Pan Nidan kahitari technology hoti mhanun itka tari milala Deshpande issued 16th Jun by India Post [1].

Where your post on blogging thing gone? His writings span across various fields. Edshpande for your Website. Some of the above characters first appeared in various periodicals at different times. An unexpected error has been encountered.

Purushottam Laxman Deshpande

There is an instrument called “divider” in pencilbox. Posted by Amey at We’ve received your report and will correct the listing shortly.

Click this button to skip to the next video. I have travelled to US IT-my and Internet Us amazing, which is making people in touch with such precious treasure And hats off to people who is maintaining and making available this treasure available to common people.


And yes, I do consider myself funny.

P L Deshpande – Kanadi Sahitya Mandal speech

Some of his prominent philanthropic involvements are as below. Otherwise I would have recommended all the books to everybody: He also took lessons in playing harmonium from Dattopant Rajopadhye of Bhaskar Sangitalaya.

He preferred adding the name “Muktangan” to any cause he donated to. Most of his writings are deeply rooted in Marathi language. Bigadi was this specific period and stays in these countries that his later travelogue ” Apoorvai ” was to be based upon.

Apart from being a famous writer, he was an orator, actor, director and music director, not to mention a very talented musician and singer. Janhavi Nikam Sameer Batwalkar me pan Riyaz I am muslim but studied in marathi first introduction to PuLa was in text book and after that I became fan of him.

BIGARI TE MATRIC – PU LA DESHPANDE – YouTube – tubemate downloader –

A good tribute in his remembrance! His first wife the former Ms. Avoiding temptation to write a long post on my favourite author, I guess it dedhpande be enough to say that he deshpaned one of the leading humour writers in Maharashtra, the state which has produced many famous writers in this field over the ages. Deshpande’s literature,books,recordings and movies he or she is deeply influenced by it.


That was in 8th grade.

If you think I am exaggerating, my post on one matdic his famous books, ” Vyakti ani Valli ” is the most popular one on my book blog, and has more views than the second and third posts combined. His family then moved to Jogeshwari where he pu la deshpande bigari te matric at the newly formed Saraswati Baug Colony till he was 8 years old. Vidula Kudekar Riyaz of. Thanks for remembering the great personality no better English word for ‘vyaktimatva’ though 08 November, Ohh the references to the Sanskrit laden Marathi in the schools of 60s and 70s which kind of spilled a little bit over to 80s and 90s are understandable only to those who were part of that Marathi education system in those decades.