Actually, I should point out here that as far as I remember, this is the only semi-classical song sung by Kishore Kumar in his entire singing career. Raga Bhoopali Mohanam , which you can read to do the comparison with raga Shivranjani. Raga Shivranjani is a very melodious raga and is sung during late evenings. Analysis on musical notations of Shivranjani tune on Synthesizer: Now the bandishi of this tune is the same as the bandishi of the famous Hindi semi-classical song Jane kahan gaye vo din from Film Mera Naam Joker which in my opinion is the best composition ever in Hindi film songs based on raga Shivranjani. Shivaranjani or Sivaranjani is a musical scale used in Indian classical music.

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Each raga has its own bandishi. Iruvar ulam Kannum kannum kollai adithal Film: I am giving these notations below so as to make the reader understand what exactly bandishi means. These differences set apart raga Shivaranjani from raga Bhoopali.

Shivaranjani – Wikipedia

Ghunghat Awaaz deke hamen tum bulavo Film: Just to give an example: And this is a fact. Sometimes when a different note other than stipulated for the raga is used in a given ragathen the composition is called a misra raga. In a way, bandishi is a common factor within all the tunes composed on a given raga. Hence all notes in aroha and avaroha except komal note ga have been shown in upper case. Analysis raag shivranjani musical notations of song Mere Naina: This page was last edited on 14 Decemberat This raag shivranjani so because for any raat instrument or vocal piece, the musical notations will be the shivranjaani.


This raga is extremely popular among instrumentalists. Also vaadi and samvaadi notes are different in raga Shivranjani compared to raga Bhoopali. Shivaranjani was a favourite of the legendary composers Shankar-Jaikishan in fact, to be more precise, that of both Shankar and Jaikishanin addition to the aforementioned song from Mera Naam Joker they also used it for O basanti pavan paagal “O bewitching spring breeze” in Jis Desh Men Ganga Behti Hai and O mere sanam “O my love” in Sangam Raag shivranjani nainaa saawan-bhaado.

One was sung by Kishore Kumar and the other one was sung by Lata Mangeshkar. This raga is known to evoke the moods of romance and sorrow. Lyrics of the song Mere naina sawan bhado: This song had 2 versions.

Raag Shivranjani – Indian Classical Music –

Hope and despair play the game of hide and seek with raag shivranjani mind. Hindustani ragas Janya Ragas. Once you memorize the bandishi of raga Shivranjani, you will be able to identify the raga of another tune that is based on raga Shivranjani.

Varjya swara is the enemy of the raga.

Raag Shivranjani

This Hindustani scale is also the currently popular scale in Carnatic music. Raag shivranjani the temple, I like to sing bhajanswhich are raag shivranjani on raga Shivranjani.

This is because as you go farther from the source of vocal sound, you do not listen to any words from the song, but you only hear the dominating notes or bandishi of the song. There are snivranjani scales, one each in Hindustani music and Carnatic music.


Lata Mangeshkar Lyrics of the Kishore Kumar version: Anjaana O mere sanam Film: For old Tamil and Telugu actress, see Sivaranjani actress. I wonder why other Music Directors including R. Another composition Muiyakka muiyakkaby Purandaradasaalso begins with this scale.

Actually, I should point out here that as far as I remember, this is the only semi-classical song sung by Kishore Kumar shuvranjani his entire singing career.

Also note that within any raga raag shivranjani a melody there is a definite relationship among the notes. If you listen to a vocal song based on a ragasay on shivrahjani or a cassette player, and you want to identify the raga of this song, then you should listen to it while you are farther raag shivranjani, say about 30 to 50 feet away from the player. I verified this fact with raag shivranjani friends who are classical buffs and they had similar experiences.