In ‘Commando Force’, Black Cat compares him to Houdini , while Nagraj once trapped in an enemy’s trap wonders, “What would have Dhruva done, had he been in my place? As a result, there is always an air of uneasiness between Dhruva and some of his allies including Black Cat and Doga who don’t think twice before killing a criminal, and he always makes it a point not to let them take the law in their hands in front of his eyes. The next special issue was a landmark issue in many ways. Sinha, during the Indian Comic Con festival, recalled: A general GENL issue used to be a to page issue. While Natasha and Dhruva’s love is mutual, Richa and Sabby’s love is more one sided. Boss, the owner of rival Globe Circus, hatched a conspiracy to destroy Jupiter Circus and sent Jubisko, his strongman and Bond, a sharpshooter to do the task.

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Teenagers residing in various cities of India receive special training at the headquarters from the Commando Force and then sent back to their respective homes. The merchandise did not become very popular and eventually went out of production because of various reasons including lack of marketing, not licensing their characters to other more established merchandising companies and instead keeping the rights to themselves and not making these merchandise widely available in the dhuv market all over India through distributorship.

Dhruva’s belt has evolved over the years from a simple leather belt to a leather utility belt with pouches to a metallic utility belt. Family Shyam Radha Shweta. In spite of these similarities, there are a lot of differences as well, raj comics super commando dhruv notably being the fact that Dhruva doesn’t have an alter ego.


Super Commando Dhruva – Wikipedia

supwr He received strength training from Herculescircus’s strongman. Chumba himself mentioned once that Dhruva scares him in his dreams. Most fans feel that Dhruva’s character is a mix of Batman and Robin. In this title, one of the Toads mentioned that Dhruva is a lover boy and Dhruva even displayed his musical talent as a good flautist. He is the founder of a fictional government-approved crime fighter organization Commando Force.

But Shweta somehow manages to come out clean every time proving that she is not Chandika.


The most unusual thing about Dhruva is that, unlike most other superheroes, he doesn’t have an alter ego and doesn’t hide his identity behind a mask. In its current raj comics super commando dhruv, Dhruva’s utility belt is a metallic belt with inbuilt locking system to make sure that no one can easily pull it off or cut it as against his older leather belt.

In the midst of these superhero acts, Sinha came up with some iconic and critically acclaimed issues exploring Dhruva’s personal life and human side of his character. He is an excellent marksmanthanks to the training he received from circus’s knife throwing expert Ranjan and shooting expert Sulaiman. Eventually it was revealed that Chandika was his foster-sister Shweta Chruv.

Dhruva has also slowly made his presence felt in the international arena as well. But amongst a long list of supporting characters in Dhruva series, the most important character has been Shweta, Dhruva’s sister. In the initial few issues, Dhruva carried a pistol as a measure of last resort, but never used it. Dhruva chose to carry on his struggle against crime choosing Rajnagar as the base of his operation. Creation raj comics super commando dhruv Super Commando Dhruva.

This series is special because Dhruv is featured for first time with Inspector Steel in a 2 in 1 comic, despite both the superheroes being in action in the same city for a long time. Dhruva who survived the carnage, vowed to avenge the deaths of his loved ones and eliminate the evil from the society.


This was in contrast to Sinha’s Dhruva who never showed any inclination towards music, acting or solving realistic cases based on contemporary issues.

Super Commando Dhruva

They tried to introduce some new facets to the cmics. Virusa biologist; Bauna Wamana midget who uses toys as his weapons and Chumba, who possesses the power of magnetism.

Over the course of next few issues, some key elements were added to Dhruva’s character including star-line, star-blade, a utility belt, ability to communicate with dolphins and ability to breathe comando. Natasha is Dhruva’s arch enemy Grand Master Robo’s daughter. Star-line is attached to a star-shaped grappling hook at one end.

It was a huge critical and commercial success for Raj Comics. Although Nagayanathe futuristic series set in alternate universe, allowed Sinha to experiment with Dhruva’s looks. He used and fired two rounds on the Rhino-men in the Nagu Islands. Natasha is the only person who knows Chandika’s true identity.

Dhruva’s ability to communicate with animals and birds was well established but this issue explored Dhruva’s ability to communicate with dolphins as well. Later, the city police chief Rajan Mehra adopted Dhruva as his own son. Super Commando Dhruva at Wikipedia’s sister projects.