So did the Kambalas, Assataras, etc. Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment. Just as a city-post fixed firmly in the ground Is unshakeable by the four winds, So too, I declare, is the virtuous person Who sees the Noble Truths unwaveringly. And every day there was a similar number of beings comprehending the supramundane Dhamma. It refers to the scepticism on eight grounds:. The Licchavis were a powerful tribe in India.

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But what is this flame or fire? In ratana sutta verse, however, reference suttta made to those ‘with seven rebirths at the utmost’ sattakkhattu-paramafor it is stated that they do not take up an eighth rebirth. He has consequently abandoned all other kinds of wrong practice, since the former grasping is the root of the latter.

Precisely, they are the noble individuals who realize the:. He is not equal or identical with anyone else since He greatly surpasses all in any aspect or quality that might be considered.

Scope of this Dhamma-Gift: A Stream-winner abandons all twenty kinds of self-identity view, having fully understood them through insight knowledge. The Recitation by Ven. Have gratitude in your hearts and always remember them.

Paritta Ratana Sutta

In fact, a Stream-winner, or any other noble disciple, ratana sutta incapable of intentionally killing even a tiny ant. He is called ‘one with seven rebirths at the utmost’. He might not come if we were to invite Him. Those who comprehend the Noble Truths, well taught by the Buddha of deep wisdom, no matter how negligent, would not take an eighth existence.


Hence, those pleased in the teaching of dispassion are pleased in the most excellent, and for those who are pleased in the most excellent, the reward is indeed most excellent. After invoking these virtues, the power of true statement sacca-vacana is applied for the disappearance ratana sutta the calamities or distress, by firmly determining: The Jewel Discourse 1.

Nalanda e-Library | Ratana Sutta : Pali Text

Freed from the four planes ratana sutta misery, he is incapable of committing the six major wrong-doings that lead to hell. It is also recited for promoting a peaceful coexistence ratana sutta one’s fellow men and for radiating goodwill towards all living beings. No such calamity has arisen in the past up to the seventh succession of the royal family.

On the other hand, those who do not clearly see the four Noble Truths are compared to a light tuft of cotton wool driven by the wind to all possible directions. When morning dawned, a great cloud poured rain on ratana sutta earth, the famine subsided and all who had suffered from the plague, recovered. He utilised it even as a Bodhisatta Buddha-to-be in His previous lives in order to ward off disasters. Thereupon, they conducted Him again in three days to the bank of the Ganges with double honours.

These are obtained by applying four modes of that view to each of the five aggregates:. It is in this context that the Buddha said:.


Ratana Sutta

After invoking eatana virtues, the power of true statement sacca-vacana is applied for the disappearance of the calamities or distress, by firmly determining:. Thus, as a city-post cannot be shaken by the four winds blowing from the east, west, north, or south, a Stream-winner cannot be shaken by all the winds of other religious and philosophic doctrines.

ratana sutta

This Zugang zur Einsicht edition is Ever since the Buddha had the aspiration to attain Buddhahood, He had strongly upheld ratnaa particular ethical principle during all His lives, namely, “to adhere to truth and abstain from telling lies “. It refers to the scepticism on autta grounds:. Then come the explanations of each verse. The miraculous effects of this recitation diffused even to many solar systems. Save my name, sitta, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Their old seeds destroyed with no more growing.

He who thus donates to the most excellent, Accrues the most excellent merit And the most excellent ratana sutta life, beauty, Fame, renown, happiness, and strength. These burning fires have gone out with the abandonment of craving, in ratana sutta same way as an oil lamp goes out when not being fed with any more oil.