Then we had in our head we was going to do the record. This article on a United States hip hop music group or collective is a stub. But let’s see if the man is going to reach out though. And the part that he used from JJ Fad is so minimal. I’m sure he has the resources to do so.

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But he actually used our lyrics, the style of the “Lookin Boy” raydio g. This is hip-hop, we ain’t dealing with no old soul song.

So for guys to create something and for somebody to take that and then not show a line of respect? Just to show respect. Views Read Edit View history.

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It’s more of a respect thing, from artist to artist, to just give just due. Chicago, RahdioUnited States. You could have reached out. Hotstylz is pretty annoyed that Eminem didn’t give them any credit for raydio g their flow in “Rap God. Hotstylz is an American hip hop group from Chicago, Illinoisformed in Share on Twitter Share on Facebook.


You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. If not, he could have had the label get in touch with us. Hip hoprayydio. Each member of Hotstylz works as solo artist, but they come together to form the group Hotstylz.

Jive Records artists Midwest hip hop groups Musical groups from Chicago African-American musical groups American hip hop groups Musical groups established in Rappers from Chicago American musical trios American raydio g hop group stubs. Yeah, out of respect, just pay homage.

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We feel like, why should we? As soon as raydii dropped. I’m sure he has the resources to raydio g so. If went from cool to bad meets evil, per say. For him to give them credit on the album and overlook us is a slap in the face.

We love our song. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. For rayddio to reference it, and you did raydio g much of the record? And the part that he used from JJ Fad is so minimal. I got the album when it dropped and went through the credits just rayydio verify again, and we were absent. And the part of the damn raydio g that everybody talking about is the “Lookin Boy” part. So just to piggy back off what Raydio said, yeah, fuck him.


We ain’t Marvin Gaye, man.

Raydio G – Missy Elliot (Freestyle)

Then we had in our head we was going to do the record. How long did y’all t The group claims Eminem did not receive permission to use the sample, nor raydio g he credit or compensate them.

We gave him a chance. Retrieved from ” https: