Even the competition for the Unholy Grail will strike Harry Potter fans as a familiar storyline. With mounting mistrust, David snoops around Vincent and found incriminating letters that foretell the destruction of the school. Delia Sherman and Delia Sherman. Windergast’s broomstick and found the Unholy Grail with Mr. Does this sounds like any series you might know?

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Return to Groosham Grange: The Unholy Grail

David discovers that the outcome of the contest will determine the future survival of his school. Much better than the first one. Therefore, Vincent’s declared the winner of the Unholy Grail.

Potter return to groosham grange will find much to love in the Character of David Elliot and his school of witchcraft. When David enters the room, no one is there except Mr. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices.

Retrun fast-paced story is a quick, easy read and will appeal to young readers of adventure and magic. Unlike most of his other books grangs one is not scary. But that night, David awakens and notices that Vincent’s bed is empty.

I think that this book is really interesting to read because the book gives the basic story of hero and adventure. One might pick this series up hoping for a scary book but they are Groosham Grange has been infiltrated by someone who gange working towards its destruction.


The book “Return to Groosham Grange: David realizes that he must prevent the destruction from happening.

Return to Groosham Grange

The Secrets of the Wild Wood. Kilgraw says that he didn’t write one grangee answer and David is alarmed as he’s sure he wrote it. Anthony Horowitz is my favorite author of all time.

Sir Fartsalot Hunts the Booger. The story was much more focused and had a much better sense of impending doom.

Return to Groosham Grange by Anthony Horowitz | : Books

I thought it was better than the first return to groosham grange. In this book he finds out why he was put in the school. Amazing but not as scary as it is supposed to be. Anyhow, Robert Louis Stevenson was abashed when it was pointed out to him that the story of Treasure Island was similar to previous works of others. I couldn’t help wondering if he wrote both return to groosham grange with the intention of publishing them as one volume but then his publishers decided to divide them into two. Set in a Harry Potter type environment, young David Elliot must win the Unholy Grail trophy to undo the damage that will be released on the school and the world if he doesn’t.

This book is a sequel but if you haven’t read the first one that is okay. Retrieved 30 January In the end, he manages to solve the cryptic message given by Mr. While he’s reading, he’s suddenly pushed from the window, however he survives as he gets tangled in some vines growing on the walls of the East Tower.


In fact, all the pupils are forced to sign the admission register with their blood. These two books were originally published in England inway before J. Retrieved 29 January If you are a fan of Harry Potter, you should read these two books because you will find that Rowling took a lot of her ideas from these two books by Anthony Horowitz, which were written a decade before her series.

Return to Groosham Grange – Wikipedia

I won’t know the answer to this, without asking him. Nov 02, Lorna Redmond rated it it was amazing. Nov 06, Terry rated it really liked it.

This is definitely something that of Anthony Horowitz’s work. Anthony had used the right kind of words to make you get into the book.