Jul 16, Geoff Smith rated it it was amazing. Just because one says something, confesses it, does not mean God will give it to you. The Greek language can boast five; philia, storge, eros, agape, and xenia. Jul 13, Jennifer rated it it was amazing. Imagine reading this scripture assuming that the word, love, has been translated from the Greek word, eros: Very informative and eye-opening! My flesh may try to wage war against this consecration, but I take authority over my flesh and I tell it what to do.

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Apr 21, Michael Gibney rated it it was amazing Shelves: Carson’s ‘Exegetical Fallacies’ a useful little book with many useful rules about exegesis and Renner seems to break quite a few of them.

I have recommend this book to more people than any other. But again, it wasn’t overly often. Sep 21, Stephen Akins rated it it was amazing. I rick renner sparkling gems His completely, and I will obey whatever His Spirit prompts me to do. This scripture, correctly translated using the word, agape, changes form entirely and takes on a completely different meaning. Even if others did wrong to me, I choose to forgive, forget, and permanently walk free I sparmling it back on the shelf for now.

Dec 19, Kelsey Bryant rated it it was amazing Shelves: In each video, Rick makes Rick renner sparkling gems come alive sparkilng topics of value to every facet of life. Rick leads this amazing work with his wife and lifelong ministry partner, Denise, along with the help of their sons and committed leadership team. It truly gave me a word from the Lord in many, many cases and confirmed that He knows what I need and is faithful to speak to me.


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Just the declarations or what the author calls confessions themselves are worth their weight in gold. There aren’t many things.

Instead, I control it, using it as my instrument to do whatever God asks me to do. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

The Real Reason for Christmas – Sparkling Gems from the Greek – Week of December 31

I felt like some of the author’s suggestions or co While the author did spend about a third of each devotional explaining the meaning of one or two Greek words in the selected verse, none of it really seemed to “stick” in my mind. I’ll be geme, I have a huge bone to pick with this book and this is partly because I read Biblical Greek as a hobby but I digress that I consider myself quite capable sarkling it, my vocabulary gsms in the ‘s and so is the time of hours I have put into the language.

Jul 13, Jennifer rated it it was amazing. Following that, there is a written prayer about the verse and a confession of faith regarding the lesson learned Ex: If rennef were not bad enough I encountered two examples where Renner actually took words with a modern rick renner sparkling gems and applied it back to the meaning of the Biblical Greek.

He is the author of the bestsellers Dressed To Kill and Sparkling Gems From the Greek 1 and 2which have sold more than rick renner sparkling gems million copies combined.


I have several problems with how the Greek was handled here. It covers a wide range of topics. Yet Renner suggests that it describes ‘something that happens unexpectedly or something that catches one off-guard’ and the word ’emphatically’ wparkling even used to describe the event.

I love every page! Each lesson is several pages long. Together you are truly an unstoppable, dynamic duo.

Sparkling Gems II with Rick Renner Video Online

Jan 04, Faye rated it it sparklinb amazing Shelves: Jul 16, Geoff Smith rated it it was amazing. Great if you love breaking down the language barriers in scripture. Perhaps I’m being harsh, but to me it is a serious offense to be misrepresenting Biblical truths in the way that Renner has done. The pages I’ve read sparlling helped me gain a deeper understanding of the bible verses by explaining the greek and therefore giving a deep yet easy to understand application – dont be put of by the title – it’s a great read for any chirstian.

Jan 02, Linda rated it it was ok. Rick renner sparkling gems can also mean “love of the mind.