Look in the trunk in the corner and find Melissa’s diary. Annie will say she would like to join the competition. GameBoomers Walkthroughs and Solutions. Make sure you get all the piles to get the points. Open his stall door to put him away and Melissa will actually thank you and says she will clean your stall for you.

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Beside the door you will see some brown boxes to the right of the door. You always practice on the same courses while you are in training, but each Trial or Competition following is a very different and progressively harder course. Use the key you by the door.

Legacy of Rosemond Hill

Legacy of Rosemond Hill. When you are happy with your placing, go on to the next level and Save Game. It’s Michael’s rifing and for finding it he will help with your stalls.

If you BEAT Melissa, she will be there when you get your trophy and say that you really do surprise her sometimes. Help her back to Rosemond Hill. At the start of this section Annie reads in her diary that John champlon her the key to the house is on the path. You are playing the ridkng as Annie. In the opening scene you arrive at Rosemond Hill with the exciting news that you have inherited your own horse.


When the cut scene is done, you are back at Rosemond Hill.

Riding Champion: Legacy of Rosemond Hill (Game) – Giant Bomb

You will see a chipped place on one step and Annie will find another key. You have to ride out on the cross country course and find a series of numbers by the jumps. The first time I played I finished 2 nd in every event. Hint for feeding an apple: Even Alpha – the one she said ridihg just a “hack”.

The ending was the same when I went back and beat Melissa in all events. Put the bridle on first, then highlight the horse from the same position in front of the horse hit Q- scroll to an apple and hit space bar to feed the apple. Go feed and apple and the note will show up. Learn more about your family history.

You have to gosemond your way to each trial or Championship. If you haven’t done any chores for your horses yet, it’s safe to go for mail and not save game.

Riding Champion Legacy of Rosemond Hill (PC: Windows, 2006)

See your diary in the club room – this is why Annie is annoyed with Melissa. She doesn’t have time, she has a date. Remember this hint as you will need it in the last section for the Kingswood Championship.


There is to be a competition between you and Melissa. She can’t find hers. John ‘s prize is chamipon will groom and shower your horse s for you!

He says YOU belong there more than he chxmpion did and he wants to “right” things for your family. Willoughby tells you he is giving Rosemond Hill back to you and your family! There should be a 2 nd call from your sister saying she has some free time to come and help you clean stalls and groom.

She wore it when she won the Kingsford! She tells you to keep her locket for good luck. It’s right in front of the stool on the way to the feed storage.