All codeine-syrup-drenched, slow-moving dreams, blurry beats and hazy outlines of ideas, trap […]. It happened and the results are out of this world. Now to the more grime side of RL Grime, what is this? This song is life for me, it helps me when I’m broke and brings back some good childhood memories even if this song has no connected to them. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Another track I can’t get enough of.

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He is hands down my favorite Trap artist and tomorrow when the Halloween mix drops no force on Earth will keep me from listening to rl grime amphibian in one sitting, smiling ear to ear.

Really hoping he will do a side project with Baauer one day. Favorite tracks from RL Grime: High five, they felt so massive on first listen that made me feel Trap has peaked and will never be as good as this again.


Do not post links from music promotion channels on Youtube or Soundcloud unless the artist specifically chose to premiere the track on the channel. I thought it was really good, but I was dissapointed a little bit, I didn’t like Reminder at all just because of amphibin vocals ajphibian. RL Grime is like the Orson Welles of trap. The only exception is if the rl grime amphibian personally comments with a link to the download.


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But RL Grime has more talent then most djs now. I am freakin pumped! I haven’t seen him since like July, might have to go. Piracy free zone, support the artists.

RL Grime – Amphibian – One A Day

It’s not bad, just sorta boring. I’m probably gonna download some of his songs. Just feels so good and so right. I’ve seen him twice once as clockwork and he puts on a amphiboan decent show, though I thought people like UZ and Carmack were superior imo. No excessive self-promo, spam, or asking for feedback. I don’t really follow the trap scene, but I hear this name a lot. The phaser section starting at 1: No sob rl grime amphibian or excessive context in the title.

This is to allow for the entirety of the community to be involved in the conversation. Met him in tl and he is absolutely one of the nicest, most down to Earth people ever. At that point, trap sealed it’s destiny in pop culture for years to come. Also I appreciate that gif, imma save that. I remember his earliest mixes with this track. Anyone else love that he amphiibian plays Jersey Club type tracks in his mixes and sets?


I’m here for the Amphibian hype train. No memes, photos with artists, or similar low-effort content. How To Dress Well – Reminder. No type beats or trying to sell beats. This eases my soul and is easly the loviest track ever made.

Search for something before submitting it. I soon started to listen to more Clockwork on Youtube and eventually felt in love with his music. Seen him 3 times as clockwork twice as RL grime RL grime, who we didn’t know by then, was behind the DJ booth.