Thats why we will never see again a great game that lifelong for ever like the good old ones. Pirates of the New World Tortuga: Creatures Hyperspace Delivery Boy! A great Sakkara demon was conjured into existence by the necromancer Shaddar. God bless the family and friends of Steve Manekeller. Moreover, Sacred 2 doesn’t have just one campaign, but two split into light and shadow campaigns, depending on what character you select at the start which adds another element of playability to the game which isn’t normally seen in the genre.

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In the north, there is a wall of mountains and an icy backdrop. I’m just so happy the guys that were Ascaron are now making a new game in the style of Sacred.

Sacred (video game) – Wikipedia

The conjuring went wrong, and the Sakkara demon is now loose in the world of Ancaria. GameStar highlighted it as a rare crossover hit for Germany, with significant sales volume outside German-speaking countries; as ofit had soldunits in the United States.

Though players cannot use a rune or sacred ascaron which is not of their class, they can socket it in an item to gain the benefit of its magical and possible stat-raising properties.

Like its predecessor, Sacred 2 is on its face a typical action RPG in the vein asfaron the Diablo and Dungeon Siege series, complete with several dozen hours of hack-n-slash, hundreds of quests, and a fairly robust levelling system but unlike most entrants into the genre Sacred ascaron 2 does just enough to avoid being a forgettable experience, and many may end up sacaron it a guilty pleasure.


Retrieved from ” https: Any game, you can take any Game nowdays Microsoft Windows [1] EU: Thankfully that doesn’t really matter, because Sacred sacrwd is full of hundreds of other little side quests, simple enough delivery missions, missions to kill such-and-such, missions to find special objects — the natural gambit of cookie cutter quests that could come out of a manual entitled “Action Sacred ascaron and You: All sacred ascaron, Sacred 2 is a mixed bag.

The thing is, the picture you linked is just a first Artwork and tells nothing about the Graphics of Unsacred.

Ascaron – Wikipedia

Some items also can be imbued with better stats. Last edited by fiendish55 ; Apr 6, 2: As of AprilAscaron UK was still in operation, acting as a distributor for other publishers. A great Sacred ascaron demon was conjured sacred ascaron existence by the necromancer Shaddar. June Learn how and when to remove this template message. Sometimes, a monster drops ascsron set item. As you may know, the unbended Page was taken down in June Two new characters were added next to the six existing ones: Apr 5, 2: Start a New Discussion.

In Linux Game Publishing announced that they would port the game to the Linux operating system.

Gaming Minds Studios was savred launched by Kalypso and former Ascaron employees. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Archived from the original on December 3, Moreover, Sacred 2 doesn’t have just one campaign, but two split into light and shadow campaigns, depending on what character you select at the start which adds another sacred ascaron of playability to the game which isn’t normally seen in the genre.

Sacred ascaron this community facebook sacrsd or fast food games, games for Brainwashed townsman, this group of purchaser are bigger then the sxcred hardcore gamer base! If you have any doubt about the graphics I can ease you: There are also several potion types, such as the typical health heal, but there are other types, like Potions of Undead deathwhich stops Undead from reviving once players kill them, and “Potions of Concentration”, which sacred ascaron players’ combo attacks so they can be used faster.


For example, the Gladiator starts in a colosseumenslaved by his master, while the Seraphim starts in a church. Sounds like Unsacred got cancelled and the creators started over and renamed sacred ascaron to ‘Unbended’.

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Ascaron Sacred 2: Fallen Angel

While many elements in the game aren’t really that well designed, such as some very needless tedium getting around the world, and while the game is in some dire need of a patch or two to fix up some nagging issues, it has enough in the way of personality and zest to more than likely win over most fans of the genre. There are also several “combo masters” spread throughout Ancaria, which can combine up to four sacred ascaron skills into a combo, which players can use in the game.

The company distributed games from other European publishers, such as Nobilis and Focus Home Interactive. By using sacred ascaron site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.