SAP After the Easy Enhancement Workbench has generated several objects, post processing steps can be executed, e. By initial launch of detailed configuration just grid area is visible. It provides the user with additional information and field properties. There are six Layouts defined for Fact Sheets. When choosing one, the corresponding Search page is displayed. SAP View Sets are views as well.

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This example will be handled in a later slide. So there will be by default three different areas of this work center page sap crm cr580 be configured. This layout of header components is the default header implementation for the header frame. Can be configured per role Available content and screen structure can be personalized by the user, e.

It enables you to see quickly and easily the most important details about your key customers. Double-Click Adjust Direct Links. This report determines the Business Roles a user is assigned to. Data are transported from the Model to the View automatically.

SAP, CR 580

A higher position number means that the Direct Link Group is displayed lower! Xrm Blocks ABs Capabilities: Navigate to the view you identified earlier. Choose Define Logical Links. Context and Context Nodes View: The view just contains one special HTMLB tag that is able to read the layout definition that was saved by the configuration tool.


The following standard layout types will be available for pages with tiles: Due to the nature of the Easy Enhancement Workbench, this exercise might cause unwanted sap crm cr580 effects, especially when many participants run the exercise at the same time. After the Wizard has started enter the following information: Here you can define different keys for your Design Layer assignment.

The result object of a search request has a dictionary structure assigned and displays data from different BOs as a result list. SAP After creation of logical links the links need to be grouped into work center link groups.

This part of the screen is not persistent. Navigational links are stored in the runtime repository.

CR User Interface(Col81)_百度文库

Also you can assign a design object directly to a certain attribute You have initially to repeat this step for each view, where you want to implement your UI changes. Methods can be create, change, display, and others depending on the chosen object Parameters: Each context node class contains one sap crm cr580 more attributes. You can make changes to design layers to hide fields or change field labels for many views at one time, rather than making the changes individually using the UI configuration tool.


The framework is always started with a component set. You can also work through these sap crm cr580 in your own time to increase your understanding of the topics.

These tags could and are also be used directly Input tag, Table Tag There are six Search, five Create and four Reports entries available. If a table or list needs to be edited the button? Move it to a proper place if necessary. F Add the field Industry Sector below the field Rating.

c5r80 To access the view layout code double click on the view on the tab page Structure in the component workbench. On the left the navigation bar is located.

The UI Configuration Tool can be used to reduce the number of available views. So it is the main tool for Consultants and Administrators at Customer Site to implement customer specific changes to current Layout.