Feedback for lines is shown only after placing them. Rotated Tables can be unrotated for easier editing by double-clicking just outside the resizing handles with the pointer tool. Windows 10 finally overtakes Windows 7 Comments. I only use the most basic features. This greatly increases the file size though, so you may prefer to disable the option in raster effects to save adjusted bitmaps.

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Embed fonts to allow document editing if permitted. Import most text formatting, footnotes, graphics, tables with formatting, index marks, and paragraph styles.

Serif PagePlus X6 review

This is a huge time-saver for long books or projects involving more than one publication. Read my Customising Tutorials for more details.

This feature automatically aligns the baselines of text on facing pages or in multiple columns, for a neater page layout. Already have an account? It is now possible to insert the usual chart types into PagePlus, and link them serif pageplus x6 templates a table or to tabular data.

Although its feature set has serjf improving with each new version, performance has suffered. Icons sets in different sizes can be chosen in Tools, Options.

PhotoPlus will be added by default temlates it is installed.

Serif Addons ♕ Assets, Plugins and Templates for Serif WebPlus X8, X7 & X6

Add them to the Asset Management serf, and you can then simply drag them into place on your document. As displays have more pixels, icons and menus become tiny when using older software.


Windows 10 finally overtakes Windows 7 Comments. Microsoft tries to put lipstick on a pig with Chinese ‘Year of the Pig’ Windows 10 theme 84 Comments. A public beta of Affinity Publisher the closest of the Affinity applications to PagePlus functionality was launched in the summer of To install a dictionary for Hungarian: Photo Lab is so powerful I never need to open Serif pageplus x6 templates to apply effects to images.

Three new studio tabs have been added to this version — Charts, Chart Data, and Effects.

Serif Pageplus X7 Review Serif Pageplus Templates

The Swatches Tab can be cleaned up or updated from the publication. The Align Tab can be used to space guides evenly down or across. New options on the Paragraph formatting dialogue allow space above and below paragraphs to be ignored for adjacent text styles, added instead of using the highest value, and to honour the space before a paragraph at the start of a text frame.

Modify or add shortcuts for each context, and save the keyboard profile. Save serif pageplus x6 templates workspace profile for future use or for sharing with others. Saving defaults has been made simpler. Tabulated data delimited by commas, tabs, paragraphs pxgeplus custom characters, can be converted to a Table, which is attached to the text, but can also be detached using the Anchor Properties dialogue.


They were designed to be cross-platform, so porting them to Windows has always been in the pipeline. Shares plummet following Apple’s profit warning, blamed on China, lower iPhone sales and serif pageplus x6 templates battery replacements. With improvements to the manual flowing of text between frames, PagePlus is now a viable choice for editing PDF files if the source document is no longer available.

Right-click on the plain text link at the top of each page to save the linked content to any convenient folder your hard drive, e. Changing the Windows DPI trmplates will now automatically use larger icons with more pixels.

Using Serif’s Page Plus X6’s PDF to create flipbook

Polygon Operations More versatile shapes can be created by combining or intersecting existing shapes, e. Users can edit any group of objects as a Logo within PagePlus, using an alternate interface focused on logo creation. I use PagePlus all of the time. Hunspell Support Spell-checking and hyphenation dictionaries for languages from Afrikaans to Zulu that are supported by LibreOffice can be installed for use with PagePlus.

Like DrawPlus, popup notifications will advise the user when performing certain actions.