Story is not extraordinary. All in the mind… Nothing serious about it.. Tips for Working Moms. On the positive side, there are two very important messages that can be drawn from the book: He considered himself the modern-day Chanakya.

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I am not against usage of Hindi in English novels but in this book, it felt unnecessary and forced at a lot of places. When god gives life to live, he gives love, sorrows, feelings, emotions. Read only if the author is one of your favourites and have you enough time to kill! Enter your email address. Overall a 4 Star book.

Sethji | Shobhaa De | Book Review

When you cut a deal — be prepared to accept the downside. Nov 06, Anand rated it liked it. In her columns, she used to xe the socialite life in Bombay lifestyles of the celebrities. Erotic and erogenous portrayals are almost in each chapter.

To begin Sethji started as a formidable character who would stop at nothing.

And I was disgusted about the father-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship. An old man, shrewd, having hots for his daughter in law and this ambitious and intelligent daughter in law makes headline in all polity flicks.


On the positive side, there are two very important messages that can be drawn from the book: Aditi, where are yo…. Sethji’s two sons are worthless.


His bahu is shown as a strong character but ends up being a sexy doll who can sleep with anyone except with her husband. Turned out to be a huge disappointment, vouched today not to pick up books sethji by shobha de i have read its reviews suiting my choice and flavour. Good things first, her writing style is brilliant, the story is half-decent as well, however she has a tendency to link anything and everything with sex. The book should have been titled ‘Amritaj’i instead of ‘Sethji’.

This is like saying that Chacha Chaudhary’s brain works faster than a supercomputer, but it is just at least a times vulgar. The one person he is forced to trust is Amrita, a woman who gives nothing away, not even to Sethji. I had read a work of non-fiction by Shobha De many years ago, and for some reason that I am not sure why, I purchased this book thinking it will be a high quality, literary fictional work on politics.

Sethji – Shobha De – Google Books

Thank you for sharing the requirements with us. I had heard a lot about shobha shobba and her books. This was my first Shobahaa De novel. The most villainous character is the hero of the story. But, it is the hard reality of life, seen from a different angle. Jan 09, Vineet Jain rated it did not like it.


Sethji by Shobhaa Dé

There are authors who have done a commendable job in using this theme to give us a stehji book, but not sethji by shobha de Shobhaa De. It is almost as if, she is working overtime to dispel the notion that Indians are coy talking about sex and this results in overcompensation.

The story starts with the massage session of the central character, Sethji, an Indian MP. We believe in the power of unity.

She as one of the book’s primary characters ssethji a nobody! It may seem that the author has insanely written the book. The most striking part of the novel is the boldness of th It was a surprise package for me.

Firstly, I found the plot of the book very weak and repititive.