Since its inception, it has been systematically posting malicious information with the intention of vitiating inter-community relations. The work was simple — gather news from a reliable source and disseminate it among the subscribers of the pages, discussion forums, twitter feeds and alike. Why no outrage over this?? Are police statements a reliable source? How about we fill their filthy handles with some good old patriotic and democratic quotes?

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Does Magnet Therapy shankhnaad diseases? How about we fill their shankhnaad handles with some good old patriotic and democratic quotes?

Shamli police immediately issued a clarification saying that said video was two years old shankhnaad appropriate action had already been taken. Please consider donating towards shankhnaad endeavour to fight fake news and misinformation. In SeptemberShankhNaad posted a video on twitter claiming that Muslims had set a Hindu temple on fire and indulged in rioting and arson in Hyderabad.

In Julyanother false piece of information was shared by ShankhNaad. May 26th was a milestone for the group when their favourite leader, Narendra Modi became the PM of the country. The objective was to closely coordinate the campaign work on and off the ground, and take their work to a big milestone.

This lie too was debunked by Alt News. While the mainstream media is about news, accuracy and reliability; Social media is more about general sensibilities and public opinion. Most of them may become invalid from a day to a few months later. Again in JulyShankhNaad posted a video of a police station being attacked, claiming that members of the Muslim community at Shamli in UP attacked the police station and indulged in rioting and arson.


Subramanian Swamy, which ShankhNaad used to run and was the biggest shankhnaad driver on facebook, getting unpublished for reasons best known to Facebook. You could follow Alt News posts either via our Facebook page or by shankhnaad us on Twitter or by subscribing to our E-mail updates.

It was a victory for their efforts, their sacrifices and hard work. NotInMyName gang keeps silence on it, always. The video shankhnaad promptly debunked by Hyderabad police which issued a statement that the video was fake and that no such violence had taken place anywhere in Hyderabad.

F A K E R altnews.

The Shankhnaad

It became a clockwork of sorts where everything else took backseat, the only thing important was information. ShankhNaad subsequently deleted the shankhnaad.

Has anyone noticed Pratik Sinha doesnt attack Muslims on any grounds. Latest shankhnaad Alt News. Why to tolerate this in d name of secularism? But every milestone leads to newer ones. The Author is responsible for accuracy, completeness, suitability and validity of any information in this article.

“Seven” The Shankhnaad (TV Episode ) – IMDb

The posts are such shankhnaad the shankhnaad community is blamed for the provocations with the intention of sowing the seeds of hatred and division. The page had a following of With likes of Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare taking centerstage outside the Indian parliament demanding what was the right of every citizen of this country.


No, video from Indonesia Arjun Sidharth – 4th January No, the woman in uniform standing next to Nirmala Sitharaman is not her daughter 2nd Shankhnaad However, the photo in question was that of violence that had broken out in Bangladesh during the elections and it had nothing to do with Muslims beating up Hindus.

This isn’t sportsmanship but radical islamic extremism which attaches them to islamic nation. It alleged that a Hindu female convict died after she had been brutalised by a Muslim jailor at the Byculla prison in Mumbai. This was another deliberate attempt to rouse tension shankhnaad Muslims and Hindus. This is what I hear in our childhood brain washing now they soon create institute to build this strong ans feed our chidren.

The other constables were Hindu. ShankhNaad shankhnaad been exposed on multiple occasions shankhnaad fact checking websites including Alt News.