It may be safely said that the cults of Vishnu, Siva, Sakti, Ganesha, Surya and Skanda form the six great sections in the book of the religion of the Hindus. Though the fire-faced young chief was successful for a time and inflicted severe casualties on the forces of the Devas, he had to succumb ultimately to the superior strategy of Veerabahu Devar. The accessibility to this fountain-head of Grace from which we may draw support is conditional upon the nature of the one who approaches it. This was repeated in the case of another Asura, Ativeeran. If one goes to Kathirgamam with faith, devotion and piety and stays in the temple for two or three days, Lord Subrahmanya gives His Vibhuti to the devotee in the shape of instructions. And, the Yogis explain that the six heads of Lord Subrahmanya represent the six centres Chakras within. The advanced Sadhaka meditates on this.

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On hearing from Sage Agastiyar about the significance of being a Vahana to Lord Karttikeya in the form of a Cock and a Peacock, he did rigorous Tapas and was granted the privilege of being amongst the Bhutaganas of Lord Siva.

As Nature abounds with soul-stirring and inspiring landscapes and is the source and support of all living beings on earth, the ancients have thought it right to glorify Nature. When everything was made ready, the Lord gave him His benediction and assurance of victory; and loudly cheered by the Devas, who were witnessing the scene, Lord Subrahmanya, accompanied by his nine brothers and hosts of other warriors, proceeded to south for the conquest of the Asuras.

In one of the discussions between Lord Siva and Parvati, the latter asserted herself very much and gave herself airs of too much self-importance. He bestows on His devotees material and spiritual prosperity and success in all their undertakings, even at the slightest shanmukha gayatri mantra shown to Him.


The work of creation from that time onwards was taken over by Himself. We must manfully set about trying shanmukha gayatri mantra do this process of breaking down all these shanmukha gayatri mantra of the evil, lower nature with all our heart and all our might. The story goes that the sparks which flashed forth from the third eye of Siva rushed through space, which Vayu and Agni carried and dropped into the river Ganga.

That type is represented by Deivayanai, whom Subrahmanya married in the regular orthodox way. This is the day to commemorate the victory of Lord Shanmukha over the Asura king, Surapadman.

Shanmukha Gayatri – Murugan Gayatri Mantra | Hindu Devotional

Skanda became the General of the celestial forces Senani and He is worshipped as the martial god of Hinduism. On the way, Krownchan, an Asura who had assumed the shape of a mountain, tried to entice the Rishi from shanmukha gayatri mantra path. As the form of Lord Shanmukha originated in a tank of shrubs, he was known as Saravanabhava.

On hearing from his father about the immense benefits of doing Tapas, Daksha went to the mountains and did rigorous Tapas on Lord Siva.

These boons gayatrii granted.

It is indicated that all these three abide in Subrahmanya, who is Para Brahman Himself. The twelve arms show that He alone creates, preserves, destroys, hides and blesses,—in fact does everything in the world.

Lord Siva had six heads—four facing the four directions, one facing upwards and the other downwards. The true import of this wedding seems to be this. Truly it is a Mantra-Sastra!

Vengeri Sri Subramanya Swami Temple – Mantras

Many incurable diseases are cured, if one visits Palani and worships the Lord there. Glory to Lord Subrahmanya!


shanmukha gayatri mantra We must exert; then we become deserving. Apart from that, you can also offer sweet food items or fruits. The gayqtri of Skanda form a large part of the population especially of Southern India, and constitute one of the important sections of the religion of the country. Shanmuka was of mantfa form of Supreme Light. There is thus a combination of the ether, air, fire, water and earth principles in the depositing of the Tejas or energy of Siva in the world.

Rudra was enraged and rushed forth to destroy him with His trident but was held back by Parvati. The Devas suffered very heavy casualties at the hands of Banukopan and his battalion.

He is the energy of Lord Siva. These events point to the fact that Deivayanai shows His Action force. Out of gratitude, Indra gave Subrahmanya his own daughter Deivayanai in marriage. It gives you the ability to win over your enemies and rivals.

Shanmukha Gayatri Mantra

Not satisfied with the vast kingdoms allotted to them, the brothers then proceeded to the habitation of the Devas to deprive them of their sovereignty and freedom.

Simhamukha accordingly appeared on the field and went through the army of the Devas like a tornado. And, it is shanmukha gayatri mantra when these conditions are fulfilled that the Lord will hear this prayer and bestow Gaayatri Grace.