Let us install firmly personality of Lord Rama in the mind. It niether appears nor has it disappeared. The abode of Lord Rama can be experienced though it is not visible to eyes. Therefore we should not forget Lord Rama. There are crores of Gods that are worshipped in this world.

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Similarly wordly troubles disappear after seeing Lord Rama. In whatever situation we are in, we should deal in the best interest of everyone concerned. God Ganesh, the god of all virtues and to whom the spirit owes its origin; Goddess Sharda, the goddess of speech; we bow to them.

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Let us not corrupt our mind with all sorts of desires. Let us learn to rise above the temperament of the moment. Ego is the cause for craving for sensual pleasures.

He neither comes from anywhere nor goes to anywhere. Let us dwell on him. Let us understand and praise Lord Rama.


Let us not break a ‘ sorrow removing gem ‘ for the sake of many pieces of glass. There wont be any happiness after that. So no one can explain it logically. The Lord immediately attended to his call and granted him a permanant postion in the space as a North Star. Shloka 3 Our evil desires are of no use. Even the Vedas are not able to comprehend him. It is easy and free. Shree manache shlok ringtone we see that dhree then we lose our existence.

It is the support for Brahmas and others.

He who cannot raise his conscious beyond his body cannot see the truth. Think what remains thereafter. Let us not be carried away with the wild imaginations.

They dont have any love for all.

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The gist of the truth is good action. This greatest God is not visible without taking refuge at the feet of the preceptor. Similarly one who is egoistic cannot have any knowledge. The life is ending continuously by the passing of time.


A preceptor can merge us with shree manache shlok ringtone God. Nothing is comparable to this. Let us have a strong determination and let us focus on our purpose. But we should strive for realisation of God.

We keep on indulging in imaginations. At that time whether god will shift his place. Let us shun everything that is condemned and do everything that is commendable with the full devotion of mind. Let us find him who will end our state of separation.

We snlok learn to consider the sufferings that our body undergoes for good cause as happiness.