What is the particular feature you like best and least? Posted on Sat, May 07 A nice tutorial was written by the open octave team: Is the general configuration is easy? What thing do you like most and least? Gig, and my projects. The after sales service is really good:

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GPlayer and exs24 on the Mac both worked great. And I had a rponse within 6 hours.

Soundlib Software

Posted on Sat, May 07 A single collection text file could for example combine all your violin sounds to one big violin package with instant access. What is the particular feature you like best and least? I pay double the license and I had no link tl g-palyer. soundlib g-player

It is very recent. Indeed, 4GB is a fair bit to work with the orchestra. I honestly think they should take the compatibility off the list.


The software is very simple and very effective. Have to think about how to integrate that. Thanks for the insights. Shipping and payment options. I use it soundlib g-player jBridge on Win7 64 – by that every instance can access 3 gigs of Ram.

You cannot edit soundlib g-player posts in this forum. Currently trying to understand what’s needed between DAW Reaper and “instruments and controllers”. Thanks, Mike g-;layer Windows 10 Pro. With that you can create collection files including several VSL banks and files that are all loaded at once in one of the 16 channels.

IS there any good VST program that will play gigs files? No bug is noted at this time. However the other instruments works normally. Posted on Sun, Jan 23 APRS sales service is g-plaer good: Posted on Thu, Apr 28 If there is a 64 bit multi bank version of SampleLord, I’d still be interested in a switch, because the G-Player guy looks like he has gone to sleep.


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Suggestions are more than welcome! Easy installation, soundlib g-player problem. There is a 64 bit version of G-Player for both G-;layer and Mac in beta: I immediately wrote an email in French! I use as VSTi called Samplelord with jbridge on a 64bit system.

Forgot your password BestCoin Bonus Program. However, this software is so easy to use that you can do without. Is the manual clear and sufficient? It’ll set me back about dollars unfortunately, but GigaStudio 3 orchestra won’t install on bit. Soundlib g-player thing do you like most and least?