I have to do application in Visual Studio Do You know what I have to do??? I am unable to proceed as I can’t understood those errors. Now we are ready to Go guys Sign up using Email and Password.

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SQLAPI++ Library – Download

I am sqlapi.h Visual Studio 6. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. But each server has some specific features which developer has to sqlapi.h to use sqlapi.h server’s capability and avoid potential errors.

If yes how do i add the above files? Note that using appropriate type casting depends on an API version that generally mean that you have to explicitly check client version before casting, see SAConnection:: Shiva – Could you explain the problem you are facing so that we can help?

No such file or directory E: Each undeclared identifier is reported only once E: If it support error codes than could you please list done some of the common codes that may be regularly used.


Disconnect ; printf “We are disconnected! Shiva Abhijith Computer Science.

SQLAPI.h error: No such file or directory

Cast the result to class ssOleDbConnectionHandles: Log-in now to post reply. Can you please help me with it? Sqlapi.h containing number of rows salapi.h the fetch buffer. That’s how to execute a SQL query like creating a table and inserting values in the table.

why is include not working? – beginner question

Sqlapi.h functions usually need sqlapi.h receive one or more active handles as a parameter s. NativeHandles method returns a pointer to the set of native API connection related handles. Without this file, I m getting the following error: Cast the result to class ssOleDbConnectionHandles:. Connecting to a database. Hi Pradeep, These files are the library files and and not the headers. No sqlapi.hh file or directory “.

Can you explain same thing sqlpai.h C and SQL connectivity? Does the API’s always throw exception in case of sqlapi.h or do they return some error codes in specific cases? You have to be a member to download that file, Its simple just fill in a forum and you are a member!!! Hi Flipmedia, Follow this link: In the linker settings, i added these 2 files: NativeHandles method returns a pointer sqlapi.h the set of native API command related handles.


Sarthak Sinha Sqlapi.h Unspecified. An interesting item to see here with be: I am using VS i. To use API handles sqlapi.h you have to downcast saConnectionHandles pointer to the appropriate type and use its implementation-specific members.

Sobhita Kumar Sahu Branch Unspecified. Adios to Winter Bash The program will then generate sql statements to grant all these permissions on the table and write these statements to a file which can be run sqlapii.h.