More Suriname Information 18 Slavery categories of pictures,sketches,drawings. Posted by Ben The Balladeer at 1: Read more about Kaseko Music The song is a traditional, rearranged by on of the group members. During my teenage years we lived near a restaurant that played Gamelan-Music for the whole evening, 7 days a week, until 12 o’clock. At the beginning of the last century Kawina developed into a major form of popular music for people from the city and the coastal areas of Surinam.

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This sound started somewhere in the ‘s under the influence of marching bands, military brass and jazz bands, that’s why the horns are so prominent. Later he also started playing the clarinet and alt and tenor sax. I remember during my childhood days during the late 60’s that the song was still frequently played on local radio stations.

A “hot” topic among newcomers. Legal Note All MP3’s are for illustrating and evaluation sranang poku only.

Swietie Sranang aka Sweet Suriname

The voices, backing vocals, band, lyrics must touch me for me to like it. Foe Noti No Charge. Posted by Ben The Balladeer at Damaru wrote this song for his 3 months old daughter.

As I said in one of my first posts, the people living in Suriname came from all over srannang Globe.

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I can speak from experience. Paramarera consisted mostly of Suriname musicians sranang poku with those from the Dutch Antilles, Holland and some other South American countries. In the 60’s he moved to Spain, Mallorca and started a Nightclub.


Belief in an immortal soul and the ancestor worship connected with it srananh a central part in the religion of the Creole population. Descendent’s of sranang poku dancing in there village. This group from the late 60’s is still going strong, although the members have been changing constantly the last 10 to 15 years. Another form of Creole folk music related to Winti music is Kawinawhich arose after the abolition of slavery in It was great just watching them.

More Suriname Information 18 Slavery srranang of pictures,sketches,drawings. Alberto Gemerts sranang poku Lobie Foe Monie.

Posted by Ben The Balladeer at 8: Links to this post. Wi Egi Prisiri 70’s winning march based on traditional music. This is the last Cd I have in this series. Don’t you just love the sax player. This song is from an album ssranang as a tribute to an other great Sranang poku musician, singer and song writer “A.

Swietie Sranang aka Sweet Suriname

You can hear that the music has evolved. A composition by Damaru. This is one of the oldest forms sranang poku Traditional Suriname Music, next to the music of the original habitants of the South American continent “the indians”. The group performing in this song is one of the best ” Bose Krioro”. Washboard sometimes played for hours and hours, they had spare musicians that took over when one was tired, just needed to go to the bathroom, maybe saw someone at the party he had not seen for a while or just wanted to dance sranang poku frequently occurred during ballads, when they had there eye on one of the partying ladies.


Its texts are about all sorts of subjects from everyday life, but mainly about the relations between men and women and about public scandals.

TP-Sranang Poku – YouTube

Kid Dynamite and his Combo played at the Casablanca club at “de Zeedijk” sranang poku Amsterdam during the early 50’s before moving to Germany. Duet with Jan Smit. Seanang and goodness are impromisingly being sung of, but several people and every day situations are also made fun of. Today I’ll spotlight those who’s ancestors came from Indonesia almost years ago. These elements also form the building blocks of popular Kaseko music.