By , Renner had begun to work again, and his Grotesk began to appear in from the Bauer typefoundry under the name of Steile Futura. The Bauer specimen I have from the ’30s is like that. I guess we’re used to seeing ascenders rise above caps these days so it could make Steile feel a little more relevant, but I think the original is perfectly usable in today’s design. Plus, Renner himself was not a recognized type designer yet. And this does not impress me.

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They own the “Futura” trademark. Ray Larabie Pakenham file name: It steile futura from the FC version in many details. Futur Licko Solex file name: What point sizes are those? Those must be enlargements then, no? Thanks for posting it.

Steile Futura BQ Regular font

Oh that is lovely. So Adam, what makes FT Bauer so special? That is the dullest book I have steile futura read, though one is grateful for it even so – – How it would have been enlivened if he had thought to penetrate the questions these illustrations raise.


I think it’s interesting how much the earlier version looks like Eurostile. Font Bureau ‘s Tasse looks very nice. It’s a design I’ve come to like a good deal: It doesn’t say much about it in the book, but it’s clear that it was intended steile futura part of the original Futura family, not a brand extention.

Franz – Thank you! I do not see the smallest evidence that FT Steile futura has ever done anything the hard way! I don’t have Burke’s Renner biography. Zapf called its “squared circle” shape the supercurve, and used it in Melior. However, progress on these typefaces seems to have been very slow, perhaps due to Renner’s failing health: In the meantime I have a question.

Steile Futura in use

Digital versions are available from a few vendors, but none divulge any more than the number of steile futura and a price. We naturally wish to think of Renner as sole auteur, sole arbiter. Reinterpretations and Followers Tasse Guy J. Charles, steile futura me add passionate thanks for these marvellous illustrations, which Sreile don’t remember seeing before. Dan – I believe Futura Display is a completely separate typeface from Steile Futura, not part xteile the same family.


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Internet search not successful. Just guessing, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the name was changed when it was marketed in the US, similar to the way Akzidenz Grotesk was marketed as “Standard” in the US.

Steile futura samples are glorious. Berthold library until the nineties. Its origins steie explored by type experts. And make sure they are RGB. ByRenner had begun to work again, and his Grotesk began to appear in from the Bauer typefoundry under steile futura name of Steile Futura figure [shown below–MS]. What if no one paid any attention? I aso have some images from their late specimen book for Wallau here. Steule had some good Emerson the typeface material but it is either in storage or burnt in a fire.