I do not know Tar Had. Just text G an im driving down to kent so dont go buyin a train ticket i’ll pick ya up if thats ok with ya, I’m all excited now!!! My friend times change. Becouse this groups – real state enemy. If you have a tent you could put it up in my garden for those 2 nights. We would also like to know a little bit about you first age, interests, goals, etc. Very Happy Yeah I know Maci:

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Stoka Moja Cura Ima Decka

Ok mate – until the next time. Thank stoka moja cura ima decka for your mail! The one with the tour un Oz and England. If I may be so bold I didn’t quite get enough time to do what I wanted to do for the vid, I’m a bit of a novice at all that so I nicked that one of youtube.

As soonm as the ISD stuff is finished I’ll be online again etc and about. Well I try to sell the rest of the CDs and this Yule we do the Yule Fund again and I raise money for his family, I will probably and hopefully get more things to sell and I will also sell raffle tickets, we will inform about this project later.

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Hello hun, Just a quick message, sorry didnt say bye you must of gone before i got up lol! Yes no problem, i send you a exemplar of the cd and the tabaco. This CD was meant to be a ballad CD but some of the songs have ended up being really rocking songs. I never meant to bring this to you but it makes me angry that you have stoka moja cura ima decka given a story that is not true and bothers me more that my 1 yr old beautiful son is being used still as a tool for attention for Sharon I will seek the truth until my son gets what he deserves, once i have that it is over and you all may carry on with your lives, but please dont believe all you think to be truth, people like Lesley watched me go through all of this, saw the convos and emailssaw it all, you dont need to take my word, just ask around from those that know me.


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It might sound daft but its the way to set up contacts cuura, keep an eye edcka the forum daily if u can for updates etcwhat bands ya been listening to mate? U prvom svetskom Grci su sakrili nasu vojsku na Krfu i nahranili ih a za uzvrat Srbi su oslobodili Solun i zajedno sa Grcima se vratili u Srbiju u probili Bugarske jedinice. I was going to post a video link to a Blood Red Eagle song.

I am from Finland and I also play drums in a band name Sniper. I get the job but only 4 days. I’m fairly broke at the moment, so hell knows, probably will wait till the next gig, that’ll be the white xmas I’m guessing? I’m usually size 8, so don’t know which size tshirt. Take care mate Kirk Gruss aus der Haupstadt des Freistaat Baden Karlsruhe: Nog mensen die vanuit Noord Holland gaan?

Keep in touch and let me know if theres ever anything we can do RK. Did you do the scooter rally in the end? Bad Guy by Eminem Hail comradeDo not know if ya been contacted yet? Pogotovo posto se igra u ZG: Where can I get one from, the one with the lyrics on the back? While I reject other races if somebody asked me something in a decent manner then I would probably give them the time for an answer.


We’ve detected that your browser isn’t showing ads. Is this true Brother? Whether they are stoka moja cura ima decka or wrong at the end of the day, and I make no judgement call on that as it isn’t my place to, public slander is the style of 18 – we pride ourselves on having a lot more class. Perhaps we can build something good here in Iceland.

You come alone, respect. I’m duds, I smell and tatse like a badger and I’m proud of it: U jednom je bilo o Johnny Rebelu nes a u drugom o Lunikoffu Take care, Kirk This is very difficult word for stupid Englishmen haha