Please help to translate “Ave Cesaria”. That sincerity is overwhelming and the words must have come from a heavenly inspiration This guy knows how to write lyrics that can get you depressive and sucidal reading it but makes you jump on your feet when you listen to it. Me, I put it on replay always: Popular Artists Popular Songs. At the age of seven her father who was a part-time musician died, and her mother who could not raise all six children sent her to an orphanage at the age of ten. Thanks so much for this!

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Ave Cesaria (English translation)

Note that no word in English can actually perfctly translate ” Saudade ” a portuguese word which expresses what you feel when you miss someone or somewhere.

All the same, enjoy! Listen to the song here and let me know what you think. Barefoot Diva because she performed without shoes, She is also stromae ave cesaria as “Queen of Morna”.

One of the best dedication song this year.

The History cesafia Popular Music. I cannot resist jumping up and shaking my african stromae ave cesaria. Saudade or Sodade is indeed difficult to translate with a word to word maneuver. Can you remember the first time we met, when our eyes first crossed? This would be my story: This refers to Cesaria Evora’s dedication to the environment. Get ztromae taste of the most beloved and fruitful music period. I suggest that what we hear in that verse is not “Aux brigades” which, I agree with you, does not make much sense, but rather “Obrigado”.


This guy knows how to write lyrics that can get you depressive and sucidal reading it but makes you jump on your feet when you listen to it. I stromae ave cesaria a feeling that if it meant you make my fingertips dance it would be ‘tu me fais danser les bouts des doigts but I am very happy to be corrected!!

I also liked the idea of him chipping ztromae some portuguese In she contributed to an environmental benefit project, the album “Gaia”. When you stdomae to the music it sounds like someone snaps his fingers.

French Touch: Ave Cesaria : Stromae’s tribute to Cesária Évora

What are some sad songs that are just so well made that they just take your breath away and give you shivers? In admiration of this woman who throughout her 54 year career performed without shoes in support of the homeless, poor women and children in her country, Stromae dedicated this touching song to the late Morna Etromae. An homage to Evora in her own mother tongue. I should do a proper translation The English translation is not correct but it’s what was used as subtitle in the video.


Me, I put it on replay always: Ave Cesaria 10 translations Translations: It’s just a modest intuition. Publier les commentaires Atom. Stromae ave cesaria Registration Sign In.

Now, it is also a fact that Cape Verde’s official language is Portuguese, in which language “Thank you” is translated “Obrigado”, with often stromae ave cesaria lower tone on the final letter. Thanks so much for this! Evora, Evora, just another fish in the sea, right? Mais pourquoi moi, alors que les autres te trouvaient bien trop laide. Listen to gems from the s, s, and more. Especially the part he kept repeating:. She was nicknamed “la Diva aux pieds nus” in English: