There are hidden wonderments built into this plug in that I can’t imagine. Their mic preamps, summing amps, and control room I can’t wait to get the Ampex next. I’ve owned this for a while, and I’m finally comfortable enough to write a review on it. Add warmth, presence, cohesion, and low-end punch that only genuine tape can provide. This way, you can hear the cumulative “cohesive” effect of recording to magnetic tape as you build up your mix.

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Tips & Tricks — Studer A Mutichannel Tape Recorder Plug-In | Universal Audio

Not sure if any of you guys were ever poor enough that your parents Then we tracked the keepers onto a 2″ Studer machine. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. UAD User April 6, The latter was not on the original machine; it allows control over how much hiss and low-frequency hum you want added to your signal.

Buyukuzun November 29, Throw it on your track and swim through the many great presets, read the manual, and I guarantee you will be able to find that analog sweetness you desire.

Rodriguez December 13, The reel deck IPS control steps through tape speed choices 7. Readers with studer a800 plugin machines paired with analog boards It adds a tonal color that is very musical.

Well worth the cost of admission! Secondary controls are hidden behind the reel deck, and can be exposed by clicking on the Studer badge or the Open label. From there, engage the “Gang Controls” feature. Sync and Repro heads on the original were exactly the same in response, so why have them both on the plug-in, since overdubbing with a sync head is not going to happen or matter in this case?


I will give this plug a hearty 5 stars! By the way, ”ganging” feature is genius to emulate 24 channel input on the same deck. Being a total tape snob I really have to say studer a800 plugin UA really blew my mind with the Studer plug-in.

But to be honest I mainly used this bad boy on vocals. As you can listen from my artist page www.

Tips & Tricks — Studer A800 Mutichannel Tape Recorder Plug-In

Once Will hit Auto Cal and switched over to the setting, which was the tape 8a00 had up on the original machine, I lost all ability to discern between the original and the plug-in. You are getting the benefits of analog without the traditional hassles and cost that come with operating a tape machine.

This thing is a DSP hog, but I studer a800 plugin love it for premasters. This setup had signal going to the real tape a8000 and was monitored off the repro head with the plug-in setup to be identical to that.

I am now beginning to feel the way i used to about making music thanks to Universal Audio. It’s saturation is very realistic and so easy to understand how to use.

This badboy here is amazing, I usually put it on my kick drum and snare and my god is just tape music to my ears I can describe it is just big body and meaty definitely go to on plguin my ongoing projects. My two latest Remix Submission were done using Studer A on every track. Be sure to strip away all studer a800 plugin plug-ins at first — you may find that you end up needing far less compression and EQ, and olugin your mixes “glue together” more easily.


Track and mix with the complete A electronic signal paths, including Input, Sync and Repro paths. When the Studer’s start working their magic, your mixes will have so much more sonic appeal, that you will soon put in the hours required to gain the experience, so it’s the best starting studed you’ll ever define.

I use it on individual tracks and on the whole mix. As studerr DUO owner, I tend to reach for other tape emulators first e. Less “tapey” than the Studer a800 plugin, but given tone shaping uniqueness and low DSP draw, perhaps more useful. They look after their customers like no other company and are my to go to plug inns everytime Thanks Balloonmanrecords. Want to chat with other users?