After considering the request of the Sikhs, Satguru composed the hymns of Sukhmani Sahib sitting on the holy, beautiful and charming bank of Ramsar. They told that he had born as such. What our deeds have sown so we are forced to reap. If we have to collect the lamp-soot in darkness then how can we save ourselves from blemishness. When I got the next birth then I had to undergo the punishment of killing the dog. After the conclusion of the function, they were again checking the blood pressure.

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Rest are all methods, if we read Baani with great concentration, with delicate fear, with love, with devotion, with desire, then we get the highest benefit. Brahman died at the cot.

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Some men say that they are taking the shelter of Sukhmani Sahib then what is need of taking the medicine. It is true that destiny never changes, but those who love the Baani of Sukhmani Sahib and take the protection of Sukhmani Sahib then Guru showering his grace cuts his misdeeds in his skkhmani and even the gallows changes into thorn.

Seven of maternal parents, seven of paternal forefathers and seven of father in laws. By taking the shelter of this holy Baani sukhmani sahib path bhai guriqbal singh can achieve all comforts. One year passed under medical treatment, but no medicine proved effective. He spent thousands and thousands of rupees on his treatment. Whoever served Guru Gobind Singh, he was considered enemy of the government.


Here strength of Gurbaani is also added to the vigour of medicine.

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It is a matter of two or three year back, five or six men from Amritsar went to pay obeisance to Sri Hemkunt Sahib. You have told us how to keep you away.

But the Baani of Sukhmani Sahib provides both comforts, in this world as well as in the next world. But due to recitation of Sukhmani Sahib the Bibaans decorated with flowers have come to take his soul in the heaven. After taking her X-ray I told her to report after ten days for operation. I also want to discuss one incident with you so that your mind may be cleared.

I am writing these lines having great faith on the Guru that who has created their inner association with Sukhmani Sahib, who has taken the shelter sukhmani sahib path bhai guriqbal singh Sukhmani Sahib with good belief and faith, his every bad account the Guru has to erase. He forgets the God, who has made him. After hearing the text of Sukhmani Sahib daily, eighty percent disease of Wazir Khan disappeared. Hearing this all the Singhs were astonished that this Singh had been uttering such inferior words.

As I getting you seated in my boat have crossed this river, I have taken you from one bank to another, in the similar way get me cross the worldly ocean. At Tarn Taran an old man of fifty years fell ill. Namdev Ji was a great saint, he had sukhmani sahib path bhai guriqbal singh the God seventy two times. Add to Wish List.


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One man was reciting one line in a loud voice and others were reciting the next line. Please read it to enlighten your mind.

Keeping quite he used to pass. Some people do not believe this, but these are deeds which go along side by side. But if you take the shelter of Sukhmani Sahib then you would swim across.

One can not achieve such sukhmani sahib path bhai guriqbal singh stage at once. Singn was not see the pain of others. It is a matter of few years past, in which house we were arranging the recitation of Sukhmani Sahib, a team of doctors of Guru Nanak Dev University also happened to go there.

Now the age which is passing is governed by Demon of Darkness. At the time of sleeping ask the child, has he done his Nitnem. Our sins may be many but still they can be counted. One day that cook suffered from high fever and diarrhea. Our deeds itself are not fruitful, God Himself makes our deeds fruitful.