Then Helmut or Virendra came to Sikkim. Feluda tells that that Sasadhar Bose and Dr. In the evening, Sasadhar Bose comes to Feluda’s hotel and informs him that the man who fell down the cliff in the accident, was his partner Shivkumar Shelvankar, who was also the owner of the company. Sarkar had been pushed down the cliff. Then, Feluda hears someone shouting.

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Retrieved from ” https: They rescue him and they come back to Gangtok.


Then, a boulder was thrown to make it look like an accident. Gangtokey Gondogol book cover. There they find that Dr. Feluda and Topshe travel to Gangtok for their summer holidays on the starting of gangto, Bengali New Year. Later Feluda and Topshe travel to the accident site.

The paper consisted of a Tibetan word, which simply meant – death.

Gangtok e Gondogol Part 2 FELUDA SPECIAL SUNDAY SUSPENSE – Entertainment Time

Feluda finds the statue in the belongings of Sasadhar Bose. It shows a man wearing red clothes standing on top of the mountain and seeing the car falling down. Topshe saves Feluda from being crushed. Feluda then announces that Sasadhar Bose is the killer. Vaidya are the same person. He also reveals that someone had tried to make the boulder fall by using a strong rod and that this accident was nothing but a well-planned murder.


Then as Sasadhar Bose, he travelled in the same plane with Feluda.

In the evening, they come to the dak bungalow, where Helmut is staying. Then he came back to Kolkata.

While eating breakfast at the Bagdogra Airportthey meet a man named Sasadhar Bose, who works for a chemical firm dealing with aromatic perfumes. Sarkar wanted to steal the statue of Yamantak from Shelvankar. There Feluda finds a white button.

Gangtok-e Gondogol Feluda Special Part 2 by Satyajit Ray – SUNDAY SUSPENSE

They pull in Mr. But the driver escaped unhurt. Bose tells Feluda that tomorrow he will be leaving for Bombay. They reach Pemiangchi in the evening.

Then his father approached a detective agency to find his son.

Gangtokey Gondogol – Wikipedia

Helmut tells that Virendra is Shelvankar’s only son. Feluda asks the driver of the taxi he is travelling in, to come in the morning the next day because he wants to see the scene of the accident.


They decide to travel to Pemiangchi to apprehend Dr. He tells Feluda and Topshe that he did not like his father marrying twice and thus ran away suspenss home.

Next day, Nishikanto Sarkar tells Feluda that someone threw a paper in his room. Feluda returns to the hotel to find Zunday waiting for him.

The times of India. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But after the accident, the statue was not found. While Feluda was telling this, a boulder comes crashing down. While going to the gumpha, Dr.