International character sets support. List of options on the left side of the Options Dialog is now resizable you may need to enlarge the dialog first. Better handling of multiple versions of the configuration file. Fixed on Linux when using a dark theme, the category headings in the Repository dialog could not be read. Increased amount of memory the undo stack is allowed to use.

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Now display an error when a read-error is encountered when searching on a Windows hard drive. Fixed a bug using the number constant 0xffffffffffffffff in a script or template; Fixed a crash when starting Editor during the day trial period and the system clock was set back an error is now displayed.

Can Sseetscape find results that were exported from the Find or Find in Files tabs Import and Export can be done from the right-click menu of the results table. Fixed sweetscape in the form 0B? Renamed configuration file to sweetscape 010 editor version 3 Help viewer now renders fonts better on retina displays. Made text in the About dialog easier to read. To download the latest version, please click the following link: Can display the address in the Find results in more formats.


Fixed Histogram panel initial size on Windows 7. Fixed crash when using an invalid regular expression in the Sweescape function. The following is a list of all new features in version 4. Since the early days of software, developers have created a wide range of file formats, from binaries and archives to images and documents.

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Added ability to save or close a file from the command line. Release notes added to the manual instead of separate text file. Importing Do checksum when importing an Intel-hex file. Fixed the AddBookmark function was not properly using the UTF-8 character set for the ‘name’ parameter.

SweetScape Software Inc – Editor Download Previous Versions

Fixed Hex Operation dialog becoming uneditable after first operation on the Wweetscape. Fixed bug writing 0x0d0a to a text file from a script when two linefeeds would be xweetscape instead of one. Syntax Highlighters are now run by sweetscape 010 editor version 3 the Syntax: Local strings are now displayed using the character set from the current file used to always be ANSI.

When opening files Editor will now automatically prompt to install a Binary Template if there exists a Template in the Repository that can parse the file: Triple-click to select by line and drag to select multiple lines. Specify minimum number of digits in address.


What’s New in Version 7.0

Now support OS X Many improvements in tools new Find in Files tool. You have to know exactly which bytes to edit in a file and editing the wrong bytes can render a file unusable.

Fixed bug with assigning to a negative float or double. Added ExpandAll function to open all nodes in the Vwrsion Results. Some of the functionality has changed in version 3 and 4 and this section should help describe the major changes. Added ‘Set Shortcut’ button on Scripts and Templates Options for an easy way to set a shortcut for these items. Can now copying Unicode data to the clipboard correctly.

Workspace Enhanced the ‘Explorer’ tab of the Workspace. Can middle-click sweetscape 010 editor version 3 a tab to close a file. Can search for 0100 or Templates in the Repository Dialog with the search field.

Bug Fixes Fixed problem exporting Intel-Hex bit files with custom addresses.