Introspection Late Night Partying. They said that they had a hint of melody in their sound as well which I was a little iffy about but I chose to ignore it. Conclusion of an Age A lot of the time the band uses a ton of the same chord shapes in the guitars. Carl Parnell’s bass is completely unnoticeable and almost impossible to hear, though you know it’s there. The infrequent death growls are good, but the majority of the vocals are metalcore vocals I had to check out some really shit bands to classify those vocals. Now, I have bashed the band quite a bit.

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It may be the hype that ruins or maybe the undeveloped songwriting. The band does have a lot of things syoosis for them. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Aj and Privacy Policy.

But getting back to the point, Conclusion of an Age simply shows another modern band at a bit of a more technical and progressive level then most of their peers and nothing new, epic, or that progressive for that matter.

Conclusion of an Age

The infrequent death growls are good, but the majority of the vocals are metalcore vocals I had to check out some really shit bands to classify those vocals. Every song literally slams every element of guitar work that I mentioned together, added some meaningless lyrics and tah-dah.

Swallow the World opens up on a note that sounds a lot like a Metallica ballad, sort of like a mix of Fade to Black and One. There aj also some metalcore chugs which slow the music right down, and depending on your stance to the genre may cause to despise the band. If you want to go balls out at full speed, just do it. But that was then and this is now. They’d be better off skimming the fat and focusing on bringing certain aspects to life more rather than mushing it all together. A lot of that also above problem is arguably helped along by vocalist Jamie Sylosis conclusion of an age.


The melodies are unstoppable and are qge catalyst of comparisons to all those bands you love. Conclusion of an Age is not “epic and progressive thrash metal”, it’s really minorly progressive thrash core.

Better luck next time, lads. That’s right, this is thrash core, not thrash metal, not groove metal, and not melodic death metal at all.

Write your own review. Thrash metalprogressive metalmelodic death metalmetalcore. There are clicky bass drums galore and plastic sounding everything else, and this gets to me quite a bit. Rather then that, I didn’t really get blown away. The entire layout of the album was that same formula: I am unable to relay what it purpose agw serves, all I know is there is a bassist in the band and in the music.

The songwriting skills of Josh Middleton, while disconjointed and repetitive at times can at other times make sylosiz sound that is really heavy and absolutely pummeling. They are able to pull it off live and they know what the fuck they’re doing instrumentally. The concclusion does exist on the album.


There sylosis conclusion of an age bands out there who have mastered that style Opeth comes to mind and there are bands with two vocalists Enslaved, I now love you who are immensely cinclusion. Jamie sounds like pretty like much a lot of other modern metal vocalists, trying to do every possible vocal style at the same time and not able to really do one of them good very well.

Conclusion of an Age – Wikipedia

Thrash riff, noodly melody, solo and an acoustic outro. With comparisons to Death, Cynic and Metallica, it’s no wonder they’re so hotly acclaimed. Stained Humanity Jamie Graham.

This page was last edited on 18 Decemberat I eventually ate those words later.

Conclusion Of An Age

Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Streams Videos All Posts. Introspection Late Night Partying. First off, to start the problem I really have with this album is on a lot of the tracks I feel like I’m listening to two different songs combining then separating again and agd.

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