Sexology Sexual acts Sexuality and religion Taoism. Learn techniques that bring unparalleled pleasure as well as vibrant health, youth and beauty. Sex usually depletes your battery, if the methods recommended by Taoism are ignored. Like colored flames, energy is seen to shoot out of the fingers. Without a stove, nothing can be cooked or eaten and life will end.

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In truth it is of monumental od to the health and happiness of the individual, society, and nation. If a person at one end of a chain smoked, the energy level of the person at the opposite end of the chain fell. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. These include watching television, talking, daydreaming, walking, eating, thinking, and worrying.

Taoist teachings state that one must be born of water and spirit ; interestingly, Jesus said the same thing: Another ancient sexoloty term is water. Our task becomes then one of not only reestablishing the balanced flow of energy to overcome this weakness, but of also stimulating the flow of energy so that we tao of sexology the level of energy within our body to its maximum. Pain is incurable disease, depression, and death; incorrect sex yields infinite pain.

The Tao of Sexology: The Book of Infinite Wisdom

Unfortunately, Jesus never described the practical ways of attaining immortality; he discussed only philosophy. Eric Palladini rated it liked it Feb 17, As these sexual practices were passed down over the centuriessome practitioners have given less importance to sexoloyy limiting of ejaculation.


The woman also had to be stimulated and pleased in order to benefit from the act of sex. Intuition and conscience are also associated with this gland, which is also taoo the House of Spirit. Learn techniques that bring tao of sexology pleasure as well as vibrant health, youth and beauty.

Taoist sexual practices – Wikipedia

The Kingdom of God is said to be for spiritualized individuals. All of our ordinary daily activities will deplete our batteries somewhat. The tightness of infantile anuses persists until the need to defecate causes the anus to loosen; otherwise, it remains tightly closed. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

The Tao of Sexology : Stephen T. Chang :

More information about the simple origins of rectal or prostate cancer is provided along with the simple method of prevention. Health or other kinds of problems in life seem to be coming from outside.

All must reach that objective. These Confucians alleged that the separation of genders in most social activities existed 2, years ago, and suppressed the tao of sexology arts. It is the best book I have invested in. All forms and activities of life, both anatomical and physiological, are supported by, and simultaneously deplete, the energy within the body.

When the mental and physical aspects of the body become tired, depressed, or negative, more problems or diseases arise. After just ten minutes of cigarette smoking, no flames of energy could be found in the Kirlian photograph of the smoker. He could pull out immediately before orgasma method which Robert van Gulik termed “coitus conservatus”.


Taoism eliminates this dilemma by allowing the sexual instincts to serve a spiritual purpose. The next morning when you awaken, your battery is recharged and your energy tao of sexology is high again.

It is called the House of Growth.

These realizations caused Taoists to create tai complete system of methods and techniques called the Tao of Tao of sexology. Many Taoist practitioners link the loss of ejaculatory fluids to the loss of vital life force: Some Ming dynasty Taoist sects believed that one way for men to achieve longevity or ‘towards immortality’ is by having intercourse with virgins sexologj, particularly young virgins. In order to avoid ejaculationthe man could do one of several things.

Their research resulted in methods that help human beings walk with God. Gynecologists also attended my lectures and courses.