Add it to our wiki. Why am I crying for the first time. And we will kill Watered-down dreams Not yours, not mine Wires, wires Heroin. Skazhi, zachem ya zhdu zvonka. Nikogda, nikuda Nikogo ne puskat’.

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Zachem Ya lyrics – Tatu original song – full version on Lyrics Freak

Login with Facebook Error: Pulsa net, Tol’ko ty ne pri chem. Potolki po glazam I nikto ne naidet. Ya zvezda, ty zvezda. We do not have any tags for Zachem Ya lyrics.

t.A.T.u. – Zachem Ya? (Зачем Я?) lyrics + Transliteration

Login with Google Tatu skazhi zachem We were ordered to burn down. The voices will slip, And the ice will crush. They fight with each other, but still are in love. Say why am I waiting for the phone call. Zamykai I lizhi Stanovis’ nikakoi. I pora vyklychat’, I oni na khvoste. Why am I crying for the first time.


General Comment I made a spanish translation to the russian parts of this song in my free time. I nich’ya bez klyucha, I mogila postel’. It tells a story. Poroshok vse chto est’. General Comment I really have no clue what it’s saying but I really like tatu skazhi zachem. I am star, you are star. Add your thoughts 10 Comments.

General Comment of course no one’s gonna post a comment about this song, no one fucking understands ttatu Someone gave away, and got The addresses of our meetings. Kto-to sdal I dostal Adresa nashikh vstrech.

I ruka ne drozhit Vse v poryadke s rukoi. Sailing to me from afar, and melt.

Zachem ya Lyrics

Zahcem Comment Here’s an English translation of it rough: Lyrics submitted by rjbucs Soskol’znut golosa, I slomaetsya led. Everything right with my hand May avenge 2×2 on the taxi and you suck.

I’m tired of living with you Roughs on the eyes, And nobody will find. Death by heroin is my translation’s theme, and at the end “heroin, no pulse, don’t worry about me Tatu skazhi zachem Comment They’re are many people who understand Russian, or after hearing it enough just know from translations, websites, interviews, etc.


You Lock skxzhi become nothing. No pulse I want nothing to do with you The phone is switched off