It has allowed us to improve our process from requirements gathering through planning, managing and monitoring, resulting in smoother deliveries. Sign up for personal demo. Post your feedback via the TeamPulse customer portal. If I was implementing agile development practices around TeamPulse R2, I would make time in the review process to run the analytics and to take action on any deficiencies found in the reports. It remains committed to the Telerik Difference of building outstanding products and serving customers with fanatical dedication. Telerik recently released a new version of TeamPulse , its agile project management platform.

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It offers a free day hosted trial for users to evaluate without teampulse need of installing it. Stay on top of your backlog and manage your iterations like an Agile guru.

New Features in TeamPulse Project Management Software

TeamPulse R2’s most attractive feature to me is the analytical tools that teampulse managers and their teams can use to analyze team members across sprints, over time, and in increments, which include: It has Summit Partners, a company that invests teampulse rapidly growing companies, teampulse a partner and investor. The company since then has grown to over employees in 11 offices worldwide. See pricing Explore TeamPulse pricing options.

These tools which are actually a rules-based system can help teams get better at agile processes because, after all, agile is as only as good as the users’ skill sets. Teampulse Platform Create cross-platform native mobile apps.


TeamPulse Videos

They are related to collaboration, measurements, implementation of best practices and managing multiple concurrent projects. TeamPulse R2’s teampulse project support can result in having a better handle on iteration planning because project managers and their team members have a more granular view teampulse multiple projects teampulsw a single screen, and they can update work plans and track across multiple projects. Download template the TeamPulse v1.

In addition, thanks to the multi-project support teampulse by TeamPulse you will be able to track multiple releases from multiple projects simultaneously. Moving Work Items between Projects With R2 we introduced the capability to reassign work items to different projects. You must be teampulse project collection administrator to upload process templates.

Try the new TeamPulse to see for yourself. teamppulse

The rich interface and in-context guidance make onboarding fast and the TFS integration reduces friction for software development teampulse. TeamPulse R2’s analytical tools to monitor Teampulse development practices are a differentiator worth noting.

We teampulse be focusing our energy and resources on new and existing products, including:. Release Planning Gain complete visibility over the progress of your releases. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Post your feedback via the TeamPulse customer portal.

Enjoy source teampulse integration with Git repositories within Visual Studio Online with the latest update of TeamPulse. Our whole team — teampulse, creative designers and client teampuulse use TeamPulse on our projects. It has its headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, but also has several offices in the US.


Inside TeamPulse R2 TeamPulse R2 can ebb and flow as the development organization adapts their development processes, including custom boards and list views for use by a project manager, developer, the team, or the entire organization. Installing and using teampulse TeamPulse v1. Teampulse message will be displayed on success or failure. When a developer checks code into TFS, TeamPulse R2 updates automatically; this removes the usual manual step when a developer completes their code sprint.

Sign up for personal demo Our minute free personal demo can speed heampulse your TeamPulse evaluation. The trial environment I set up felt slow and awkward when compared with the SaaS project management applications I’ve reviewed for TechRepublic; however, this might have more to do with my hardware than with TeamPulse R2.

TeamPulse has been integral to introducing a leaner way of working teampulse our organization. With R2 we introduced the capability to teampklse work items to different projects.

What’s New Release History.

Teampulse TeamPulse R2 on an internal web server gives users the same level of flexibility and power as a SaaS platform when teampulss teampulse to views over single or multiple projects.

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