Roundup from the Jonathan: Links ss7 assessment tool ss7 map testing tool Fried Apples slides The Galaxy S8’s facial scanner can, unsurprisingly, be tricked with a photo Biometrics are convenience not security jtrace – augmented, Android aware strace Mobile Telephony Threats in Asia slides Sunshine update Security updates in iOS Would you be interested in a steel bear instead? Jobs We at Square are looking for engineers, jobs should be super interesting for those who read this blog! This blog post is to provide some more details about my idea that was mentioned on Risky Business by Haroon Meer. Some titles look quite interesting. First time I hear about this conference.

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All in all this is good quality security software that even looks better then the less secure competitors, YES! Infiltrate Matias Telegram messenger spy v0.1.3 – The Chameleon: I played with the two mdssenger sites for a bit while they were still online – offline now.

Since September I’m working for Square doing mobile security engineering. Telegram also supports Apple Pay and Android Pay. The guys who run it definitely know what they are doing. KiwiCon intro kiwicon latergram. The conference sppy was pretty nice and spacious. It will be interesting. The talk Ich sehe, also bin ich Most new messaging services today, including WhatsApp, build one-size-fits-all messaging apps and lock out third-party developers. I reported this issue to Apple.


But I’m a big fan of handover. The scariest costume of all this Halloween is the Galaxy Note 7 recall https: This tool requires root. It was a fun project to do and I think all parties involved in the project are proud of the final result. One thing I didn’t notice is how cheap LTE research is already. Sadly this seems to be a new trend that a number of top conferences overlap or are so close to each other that it is impossible to attend both.

But the problem really is that manufacturers and mobile carriers stop supporting devices after month. I would really like one and give it a try would post full review here of course!

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Tries to fetch the contents of the appdata hidden folder from Google Drive. How to Do it Wrong: Raul Siles – iOS: I did not write any of those tools for Hacking Team. Sad to have missed it.


A remote attacker can cause a device to unexpectedly restart Description: When encryption is not enough: You just make them accessible and add logging and alerting. Normal users can’t determine this easily. Summer will be pretty awesome again. Georgi Geshev, Alex Plaskett.

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I just found this recently published paper titled: Or until two people do it and server melts It further displays current network security settings.

He showed that you can partially determine what your screen shows and what area you touched with your finger. Depending on my website is the mobile phone and earsets.

While this might be a simple duplicate they should have an interest in playing nice and being thankful to those who report bugs they find in their spare time.