Download and install the client before continuing. This release features a brand new installer, which should make the installation a breeze on most distributions. No, for any number of licenses exceeding the free limit, the whole number of licenses shall be purchased. This means that a organization can use up to 5 concurrent users for free. By centralising computing resources in the data center rather than distributing them amongst end-users, IT systems become more efficent, secure and accessible. Cendio AB offers this option for individuals and smaller user groups.

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The ThinLinc session will respect monitor boundaries just like a local desktop would.

ThinLinc – Freecode

In thinlinc latter case, only the background of the RED session window may be visible which can look very much like a blank desktop. As the connection is established, the field at the bottom of the login window will display details about the process.

The Windows client is now supported on Windows 8 and Windows Server If you encounter this issue, follow the instructions in Troubleshoot Research Desktop thinlinc exiting full-screen mode or terminating ThinLinc Client.

Effective Freecode is no longer being updated content may be stale. An upgraded X server platform boosts performance and compatibility. There’s a typical end user desktop, an administrator’s desktop, a desktop showing how to use ThinLinc thilninc a frontend to a Windows Remote Desktop Services, a desktop thinlinc shows thinlinc ThinLinc can be used to access 3D applications, and more!


This page was last modified on 08 Nov and is maintained by. Thinlinc is a cross-platform remote desktop server developed by Cendio Thonlinc.

Clients are available for a wide variety of platforms.

Download, install, and configure ThinLinc Client to use Research Desktop (RED) at IU

Smart card authentication has been added to the OS X Client. Free for one concurrent user. The Options button is available by clicking on the Advanced button on the log in dialogue. thinlinc

Rhinlinc that exist in the stable version might be fixed, but since this version of ThinLinc is not yet finished, you should expect other problems and issues. If a client device is lost or damaged, any data remains safe on the server thinlinc available for access at thinlinc times.

This page was last edited on 8 Mayat ThinlincxARM. Register for an account below, download the client, connect, and you’re off! Demo The demo system allows you to get started testing ThinLinc in just minutes.

This release features a brand new installer, which thinlinc make the installation a breeze on most distributions. Please note that Internet access has been disabled on this system. If you have public-key authentication set up see the instructions aboveyou should see a “Key” field in place of the “Password” field.

The thinlijc software and the thinlinc main desktops run on Linuxbut Windows applications and desktops can be accessed using the included integration with Remote Desktop Thinlinc or Citrix XenAppor third-party programs such as WineCodeweavers CrossOveror desktop virtualization software.


Within an organisation, ThinLinc enables thinljnc to thinlinc easily between machines “hot-desking” while still being presented with the same desktop – each application, even the mouse cursor, is exactly as they left it. There are major improvements to the HTML5 client. Screen size – by default the screen size is set to full screen mode.

ThinLinc – a remote desktop server from Cendio

When you have an existing disconnected RED session, clicking Connect in the ThinLinc Client login window will reconnect you automatically to your session, and all applications, terminals, and file browsers that were open when you disconnected will still be running.

New events will be posted here as soon as details become known. Freecode is a BIZX service. Free for one concurrent user ThinLinc is now free for thinlinc concurrent user. Thinlinc the event of thinlinx system failure, the session will terminate.

This will terminate disconnected sessions. You can specify how thknlinc reconnect to your disconnected session via the Thinlinc policy on the Thinlinc tab of your ThinLinc client. Two security issues thinkinc previous releases has been fixed, see full release notes for details. However, do not use drag and drop or click and drag to copy large multi-gigabyte files.