Press and hold to initialize. Now you are at the summary screen. You must select the security type your access point is using. When there is a display: No support for start and end characters on the serial side.

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Choose the right file depending on your device’s model number. Everything you normally need is selected by default. When there dds a display: The Settings dialog will open. Plug the Ethernet cable back into the device, and the app will switch over to using it again.

Assuming your device has it, let’s go over the settings:.

When there is no display: Reboot power-cycle the device. One other step you may want to take right away is setting the Owner name and Device name. It is designed for Linux i hosts only.

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These names are displayed in the DS Manager’s device list next to IP addresses of discovered devices. It will be “active” for as long as there is a live cable plugged into the device.

Just in case yours had it differently or was already used to run something else, manxger is what you do to prep the app: Bus Probes RS Sensors. This mode is useful for conserving power.


There are some configuration differences associated with this, but we won’t go into such minute details here. Reboot power-cycle to complete the initialization.

As soon as the Ethernet cable is unplugged, the device will managet over to Wi-Fi instantly, with no set-up time required because it’s already associated. Be tibbo ds manager to get it right — it’s case-sensitive.

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The red and green status LEDs on the corresponding devices will blink. Notice how the settings are grouped into several tabs.

New setting values will be sent to the Gateway, after which kanager will reboot. Point the browser to the target IP address, and the rest is obvious. It’s not going to work.

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Once the Ethernet link becomes available again, tibbo ds manager device automatically shuts down the GA and resumes wired operation. You can do this through tibbo ds manager Settings dialog the setting is on the General tabor by using the Change IP button found in the main window.


Assuming that your DS is plugged into the same network segment with your PC this screen will be skipped. The script runs on any modern Linux distributions. Two things are required for OTA updates to work: If it isn’t at least V3. Failing that, the device will turn to GPRS, again, if it is available and enabled. Documentation Manuals You can also view our documentation online: Note that the use of DHCP, although convenient, is not tibvo a good idea: Once the upgrade completes the device will reboot.

You would need to managee and use the IP of the Wi-Fi interface. We have on-the-fly tibboo enabled. After the reboot, you should be able to see your device in the DS Manager.