Other systems may store data from all scouting units within a single, shared database which can allow other units to access your scouts and adults. We are dedicated exclusively to the support of scouters with their data management needs. Being able to look up your records and make changes to the system from anywhere makes it incredibly quick and convenient to manage your unit database. Log in to TroopMaster Web using the Administrator settings from the email sent for your purchase. At this point, the old administrator should no longer sync with the Web database.

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However, any unit with a current license for TroopMaster or PackMaster can download softwae upgrade to our lastest version absolutely free from the Software Downloads page on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

I need to send reports to my scouts to keep them up to date with their latest advancement details. These filters can be used throughout the program in the dropdown boxes to filter your members. Stage 2 – Update Member: If you are troopmaster software the desktop software with our DotNet add-on, your administrator can also create separate Access Passwords for each of your dens.

Full, detailed log of exactly which members have updated specific fields in your database. Otherwise, we can only send the User ID and Password to the postal mailing address on the sales record. For services, such as our new Troopmaster software 2. For units needing support by phone outside of our regular office hours, we can also arrange for after-hours appointments as troopjaster.

Log into the Internet Recharter system. Make sure you know where you saved this file so you can browse to it from the main program later.


If you cannot get the database unlocked, softwarf should have your database Administrator manually unlock the files using the Unlock button on the DotNet dialog. If, since the last troopmaster software, you changed the same area for the same member or the same activity on both TM-Web and in the main TroopMaster program, the data from the Web will overwrite the change that you made in the main program.

Why Choose Us?

If troopmaster software see an entry that troopmaster software not meet the advancement requirements, we bring this to your attention to avoid a potential issue later on. A connection is only necessary when syncing your data but you have access to your important information any time, regardless of your connectivity. You will notice the ‘OK’ button which would save your changes now says ‘Locked’ so these changes cannot be saved into your database. These awards can then optionally be included on the next Court of Honor report.

Instead, select the location that you want to save your Web. If you’re not sure how to designate an exception, contact the technical support department for the firewall developer.

Comparison of Boy Scout Troop Management Software – ScoutWiki

Comments and suggestions can be sent to us directly at: This process will allow you to initially populate your Ledger database as well as to perform periodic updates to your membership and keep your rosters in sync between the two programs. All users connecting to the files will use the same encryption password even if they troopmaster software been assigned different access passwords.

Along with the ability to create your own activity types, you can also specify exactly how the system credits this for your members. Our new system now monitors individiual merit badge requirements. Tracks training, merit badge counselors, individual units, scout advancement, donations, and much more! How do I sync my database from the website using the Automatic option? We are now producing our own perforated troopmaster software Card’ paper for troopmaster software less than the Avery price, saving you hours of time versus filling out these cards by hand.


A portion of our proceeds also goes directly back to scouting to further support all that they do. TroopMaster or TroopMaster Web.

For example, if a scout leaves after troopmaster software first night of a two-night campout, you mark attendance for him by putting a “1” next to his name–that will override the nights camped for just that scout. Always check to see if the latest update solves the problem before proceeding with the rest of this troubleshooting guide. Troopmaster software Mobile App included with TroopMaster Web allows for easy access to your data even when you’re not connected to the internet.

The purpose of the “P” presented flag is to provide a way of handling the case where a scout misses a Court of Honor.

Another time saver is to softwae your scout and parental data before entering data on your adults. Take a troopmaster software at some of the features that set us apart from the competition.

Many more reports available!