TurboCASH program is an easy to use and exceptionally powerful accounting program. This will allow you to easily correct any errors found edit transactions, insert transactions which are omitted, delete transactions which are entered twice, reverse all the transactions if entered on the incorrect side, etc. Open source sprouted in the technological community as a response to proprietary software owned by corporations. Enter the alias name for the batch. Any business activity, which has a financial implication, constitutes a transaction. Where no accurate information is kept, things quickly get out of hand. Working with Creditor Accounts

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TurboCASH – Wikipedia

Nchitonet Dot Com Ltd. These act as a cross-reference for balancing the Set of Books.

TurboCASH is a full-featured and reliable accounting system turbocash 5 will help you better manage all your financial resources.

The full accounting records for a business entity or an organization are kept in a Set of Books.

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Enter the transactions in the turbocash 5. TurboCASH allows you to work with several selling prices for item turbkcash your stock. This page was last edited on 2 Decemberat Helping local customers to identify and choose which software or system package could best solve their business problem 2.


These business activities can briefly be illustrated in the following diagram: Click on the F7: Customise your Chart of Accounts – Your Set of Books will have a standard Turbocash 5 of Accounts, which should reflect all your accounts which is reported in the: The information will be reflected on reports and the defaults or settings will be used to enter, process and to report on the data.

Turbocash 5 Home Small & Large Business Accounting Software Solution CD ROM Best

The document is displayed in the Document Entry screen: Retrieved 29 August Orders cannot be updated posted to the ledger. The following is an example of a Bank Statement: Click on the Edit button. Additional summarized information with respect to certain items and budgets may also be necessary to turboash turbocash 5 or financial position. The Groups Account Group 1 default screen will be displayed.

Settings and Defaults – TurboCASH will use these parameters and defaults to display and perform certain functions for turbocash 5. Income, Expenses, Capital, Assets and Liabilities. However, certain organizations do not wish to make a profit. These unmarked transactions turbocash 5 items are as follows: TurboCASH comes with a comprehensive set of reports, allowing you to thoroughly analyze your sales. There are five 5 types of Accounts files, which contain fields of information specific to each type of file a General Ledger Accounts – Assets, Capital, Liabilities, Income or Expense accounts.


Views Read Edit View history. The activities are usually measured over a financial year. We would enter the cheque number, date, to whom the payment is made, for what, and the amount of the transaction.

This is also the reason why businesses exist. At first only the items under the Start ribbon tab are available. Double Entry Accounting System The Documents Setup screen is displayed: This data is kept in turbocash 5 “accounts. Comparison of accounting software. Turbo CASH versions prior to 5. Default is the standard Stock Item Type.