Species data can contain e. MULVA input file export. All unidentified species from the new CC! This procedure is repeated for all species in the data set whose frequency is higher than selected threshold. Study the table import format carefully!!!

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How to import table data from TURBOVEG

Generally, there are two export types. There is an example of such table. Working Group for Vegetation Science. You can change turboveg values by turboveg click on any line in the list window. RTF format into which you can make several exports of data of different type. The table consists of four files with the same name and different suffixes: This field can be used for species sorting and making separators among species groups.

MULVA input file export. RTF file to facilitate editing and turboveg.

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Please, try to study the structure of exported file or contact author of turboveg program. TAB file is optional. It must turbovdg created in accordance with STR file.

The same format is generated e. If you want to export all values set the first column to the maximum and second to the minimum value possible. Export of DMAP coordinates. They turboveg be attached to WCT file additionally see Import header data.


Species data can contain e. RTF file turboveg editing and presentation. Upper part of this form is reserved for turbovg which were not connected automatically.

turboveg TXT file, parameters for other check list files will depend on the real string lenght of lines and can be stored into the turboveg line of the text file see KUBAT. If you want to change the cover scale used in the output file, double-click in the list box on any percentage value which needs a new character value and change the output character.

An example is stored at the yurboveg page: The user can modify this selection in this window.

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Export of all interspecific associations. The file can be omitted. Header data are only optional and needn’t be imported and opened together with WCT file. Table export in Cornell condensed format. Species data are stored near to species name in turboveg grey field of the table. Find a path of your table and select TXT file.


Interspecific association expressed as species-to-species fidelity value can be calculated for all pairs of species present in the data set. This function creates a text file with selected items.

Turboveg and header data imports. A table modified turboveg JUICE can be exported into turboveg Cornell condensed file which is an input file for several other applications. All unidentified species from the new CC! Please, before import of your data try to create exporting file with short headers and study its structure.

The value can be copied only partly define source range of copied characters and can also replace only part turboveg actual short turboveg. Year or Syntaxon code or some other external information loaded through import of short headers.