Michigan Sahana Agni – Vathapi Fusion. Vathapi Ganapathim – Stalwarts -Voleti Venkaterswarulu. Seetharam on Keyboard – Vathapi Ganapathim. He is worshipped by the sage Agastya and the god Vishnu. The musical compositions of Muthuswami Dikshitar were passed on orally through his descendants and 11 disciples. The icon was placed in Paranjothi’s birthplace Tiruchenkattankudi.

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Sanskrit hymn to Hindu god Ganesha by Muthuswami Dikshitar. In a dialogue on the HamsadhvaniVatapi Ganapatim is quoted as an example of the raga. Track 2 – Vathapi- Hamsadwani – Adhi.

Vatapi Ganapatim

Nadaswaram and Thavil instrumental version. Sanjay and Sajaurran – Vathapi. Subbarama, initially reluctant, agreed to publish the songs with notes on persuasion by his patron, Venkateswara Ettappa III — the ruler of Ettayapuram and Chinnaswamy Mudaliar, the noted publisher of Carnatic music compositions. Vatapi Ganapatimalso known as Vatapi ganapatim bhaje ham or Vatapi ganapatim bhajeis a Sanskrit kriti song by the South Indian poet-composer Muthuswami Dikshitar —one of the ” Trinity of Carnatic music “.

The crescent moon adores his forehead. The Vatapi Ganapatim hymn is composed in Sanskritthe language of several Hindu scripturesby Muthuswami Dikshitar. Subramaniam- Evasudha – Sahana – Thyagarajar.


Valayapatti Subramanian – Dinamalar. Dikshitar composed Vatapi Ganapatim in Hamsadhvani raga musical mode of Carnatic music, which was created by his father Ramaswami Dikshitar — in The extract of the Vatapi Ganapatim is presented in a play vatapi ganapatim bhaje nadaswaram the work.

The name “Ganapatishvara”, which also gives the town its alternate name “Ganapatishvaram”, denotes Shiva as “Lord of Vatapi ganapatim bhaje nadaswaram and alludes to the legend that Ganesha killed a demon and then worshipped his father Shiva here.

Vathapi gaNapatim bajEham – Hamsadhwani – Adi. Srinivas – Raga Hamsadhwani Vathapi. Vathapi- part 1 – Fire Museum. Retrieved 1 January Besides Vatapi Ganapati, the temple complex also has a shrine to Ganesha, who is depicted with a human head, instead of the elephant head he is usually vatapi ganapatim bhaje nadaswaram with.

Vathapi – Hamsadhwani by Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer. Azhagiya Tamil Magan – Valayapatti Paati. The consonants of these notes, ga and na also appear as the first consonants in the name of the god Ga-na -pati. Chording the Vathapi ganapathim – Hamsadwani on Guitar. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Vathapi Ganapathim – Piano.

Vatapi Ganapatim – Wikipedia

Dikshitar praises Vatapi Ganapati, as the elephant-headed god, who grants boons. Later, Paranjothi renounced his violent ways and became a Shaiva monk known as Siruthondar, is venerated as a Nayanar saint today. Processions with the Nadaswaram and the Thavil musical instruments often play this hymn. The hymn is traditionally sung at the beginning of many Carnatic music concerts. Nagumomu by Jayashankar and Valayapatti – Nadaswaram. Vathapi Ganapathim – Ganapaitm shot. Yaro Yen – Valayapatti Mix.


nadasaram Vatapi Ganapatim is a part of the series of hymns called Shodasa Ganapati kritisa collection of songs dedicated to sixteen Vatapi ganapatim bhaje nadaswaram icons located in shrines around Dikshitar’s birthplace Thiruvarur. He holds a sugarcane in his left hand.

According to Amy Catlin, the fame of the hymn streams from its patron deity, Ganesha, who is a popular Hindu nadawwaram as well as the melodious and simple music, which was composed in a newly created raga.