Alex knows that there’s a chance that the angels will take him away from her forever and so he doesn’t want to marry her because he doesn’t want to leave her alone and unhappy without a husband. I just love Alex and Cole! See if you have enough points for this item. Editors are a necessity. Again, the main reason I cannot give this book five stars is because of the spelling and grammatical errors that ran rampant throughout the novel.

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Feb 04, Emma Clement rated it it was ok. The premise of this series is compelling and the author adds just enough twist to keep it interesting. She didn’t trust him at all, even after everything he was going through for her.

Keary does not check Goodreads very often, so the best way to get in contact is directly vindicated keary taylor email: As always when you read the last book in a series you have to prepare for the worst possible taulor, just in case. But moving on is hard when it involves reconnecting with the family who wanted to send Jessica to an institution. So Forsaken was not as good as I thought it would be, because ending of Branded being vindictaed powerful.

Like I mentioned, her biggest source of angst is the fact that Alex won’t propose to her, vindicated keary taylor makes her feel just a tad insecure understatement of the century. Cole is seemingly gone, Alex is back from the dead, shiny angel feathers and all, but gindicated won’t marry her, because circumstances have changed.


Apr 18, Tabitha Rowland rated it it was amazing Raylor Forsaken is the sequel to Brandedwritten by self-published author Keary Taylor.

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Vindicated by Keary Taylor. View More by This Author. This mistake happens multiple times and irked me each one. Meanwhile, we also get a taste of why Cole came after her. That was a wonderful addition. Overall, I enjoyed the series and felt it was well-thought out.

Vindicated (Fall of Angels, #3) by Keary Taylor

The only thing I wasn’t crazy about in the story was Jessica’s reactions to Alex refusing to propose to her. Upon conclusion of this storyline Taylor as wrapped up some simple aspects while leaving a variety of new and old vindicated keary taylor open for future novels. I mean it’s not like marriage is meant to be a lifetime commitment over which you will mature and grow and change into different people and it’s almost impossible to know if someone will be compatible for that in barely vihdicated time than you get as a free trial for World of Warcraft.

Books by Keary Taylor. The plot is great only I didn’t You submitted the following rating and review. This was a really good ending to another great series by the author. So, their relationship as well as their separate characterizations were definitely a highlight of this story for vindicated keary taylor.


I definitely recommend this book it certainly had a different take on Angels. I would easily recommend it to anyone who loves YA novels about angels who are tired of the same plots from countless authors. These errors “you’re” instead of “your,” as one example were so avoidable if even one person had gone through thi This was vindicated keary taylor good closing the Jessica and Alex’s story. Being “crazy” is the absolute worst thing possible and a terrible insult, unless of course you’re the main character judging the old woman she cares for.

I can’t just help but feel tha Jessica is angsty: D but true It was just about how Jessiaca wanted to marry Alex, but he “couldn’t” marry her, because he’s a freaking idiot. I loved that part of this book. Fall of Angels 2. But I also think it couldn’t have been told in the first one because as much supernatural as the first one was, it was more the human side of things for Jessica and Alex.

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